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July 2008

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Wretton Parish Council



Present: Mr. D Llewellyn (Chairman of the Parish Council), Mr L Peake, Mr M Peake, Mr. B Glover, Mr. A Box,

Mrs J Scarrott (Parish Council Clerk).

1. Apologies received from Mr S Briston.

2. The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of 2007 were signed as a true record.

3. Matters arising from the 2007 meeting were to be covered in the Chairman's Report.

4. Chairman's Report:

The Chairman reported that following the local elections in May 2007 a vacancy remained on the Parish Council. In July, Mr Anthony Box had duly been co-opted to fill the vacancy.

Wretton Historical Organisation had planned an all eras fair to be held on The Green in 2007. The event was postponed as funding was not obtained in time. The event is now to be held on May 18th. The original idea was to officially unveil the Wretton village sign at the fair, but it was decided to go ahead with the unveiling and the sign was dedicated on February 16th by the Rev. Alan Bennett. The unveiling marked the take over of the Green by the Parish Council. Wretton now has its own Village Green complete with sign.

A goal has now been erected on the Green and thanks were voiced to Cllr. M Peake for seeing this project through.

Content continues to be added to the Wretton website and the site has had approximately 2000 hits. The village is thus being publicized.

There has been vast improvement in the village in recent years and an entry has been submitted to the Pride in Norfolk competition. No response has been received so far, but it was felt if nothing comes of this in 2008 an entry will be submitted again next year.

5. Financial Report:

The balance of money held by the Parish Council on 31/03/08 was £15406.95.

Bank Balances at 31/03/08:

Current Account 988.08

Premium Account 1674.81

Reserve Account 12761.56


Minus uncleared cheques 32.50

Plus 06/07 creditor 15.00


The Parish Council continues to be thrifty and expenditure for the year has run very much to budget. Capital money held should not be used to support revenue expenditure and the Parish Council will need to identify future projects and allocate money held.

6. Other matters raised by parishioners:

 Some discussion took place regarding grass cutting of roadside verges. Some areas of the parish are cut whereas others seem to be left.

 There are plans for drainage work to be undertaken in Cromer Lane (due to start May 26th).

Parish Clerk

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