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Letter to the Editor 2

July 2008

Mark reports on his enjoyment in attending the re-opening of Wretton church

Dear Ray

I was very pleased to be able to attend the rededication/reopening service at All Saints Church Wretton, on Sunday last, 1st June. I have always been aware of the church of course, in so far as it is my local parish church, but had rarely ventured within, not being a fully paid up member, etc, etc. However a recent article in the pump on the three types of people who have different views about a parish church gave me pause for thought.

I am no theologian and certainly no intellectual, but just a simple Christian, and it is as such that I simply say, it is logical to conclude that if we want the benefits of a parish church as beautiful as All Saints to be available to us for Hatches/Matches/Dispatches, or indeed regular Sunday worship, then it has to be incumbent upon the community within those parish borders to support that church both in whatever small financial way we can, and also in a physical way- by turning up!

A I said at the outset- this is not a natural spiritual home for me- I am not an Anglican- and indeed I was a little nervous, (though needn't have been), about attending the service, but what I do care about is that we continue to have a church within our midst, doing what it was intended to do.

I found a truly welcoming, friendly and deeply spiritual and contemplative community at All Saints, and I heartily recommend anyone to drop by if you've an hour to spare on a Sunday Morning.


Mark R.G.Orton

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