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July Editorial

July 2008

The Editor gives warning that The Village Pump will celebrate its 30th anniversary in October.


Welcome to yet another fun-packed edition of your Village Pump. Three pieces of housekeeping this month; first this edition carries the last in the excellent Algebra-Cadabra series provided by David Smith. I have been amazed at the number of readers who told me they regularly tried the exercises but none seemed to want to write in about it. That was a pity because feedback is so important to keep the Pump in tune with you the readers.

Second, last month I posted a request for Furniture Storage on behalf of Roberta Szourou (Bobbie Petrie as was). Bobbie has contacted me to tell me that, regrettably, it will not be possible to transport the furniture to France so she hopes to hold a Yard Sale to dispose of these effects during her next visit to Stoke Ferry in the last two weeks of July. So, keep your eyes open for notification of the date of the sale.

And finally, this coming October, the Pump reaches it's 30th Anniversary. What a tremendous achievement for a community magazine. Considerable praise must go to the stalwart Editors and management teams who have developed the magazine over this period. By my calculations there have been just 6 Editors or Editorial teams: Chris & Pat Young, Kay Gordon, Claire Brand, Cyril Marsters, Steve Beazley and me. Each has undoubtedly left their footprint on the style and content of The Pump, but none have been as fortunate with the technology as I have. The current copy- printer is by far the best technical machine we have owned and that in turn is due for upgrade at the end of our next Financial Year.

But behind these valiant editors has been a loyal team of helpers, contributors, collators and delivery bodies without whom each edition could not have reached you the reader. So our heartfelt thanks must go to them all. As always, we could use more willing hands, particularly with collation and delivery; so if you feel you could help, please contact Graham Forster our Collation manager. If you have any ideas on how we can make it a truly memorable event, please contact me or one of the Pump Committee.

Finally, The Eastern Daily Press carried an item on Tuesday 17th June regarding the sale of Grampian Country Foods to the Dutch company VION. The item questioned possible resurrection of the Attleborough site but made no mention of the Stoke Ferry mill. I guess we will just have to watch this space?

Ray Thompson

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