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June 2008

The latest information from Wereham

News from St Margaret's

Restoration at St Margaret's has preceded at a steady pace this month -- the sides of the church tower have been beautifully re-pointed to match the pinnacles which were repaired some years ago. A huge crack in the Western wall of the north aisle has been repaired together with sorely needed re-plastering. In the Vestry similar work is being done- a large crack has been repaired, crumbling plaster replaced and the ceiling stripped and repaired. What an enormous difference it will make! At the moment the nave is a complex hazard of scaffolding, providing a platform for the restorers while the roof is being cleaned and repainted and the beams are re-stained. The whole aspect of St Margaret's will be dramatically changed when this work has been completed.

The church clock still loses two minutes a day and at one stage was nearly 40 minutes slow. However access to the clock was made difficult by the work in process and bulky construction machinery in the porch below. I am afraid Health and Safety regulations would never allow a ladder on the outside of the tower or allow us to employ the services of a willing elderly resident, spry enough to scale the ladder and adjust the hands of the clock every day!

Please remember Open Gardens on the 15th June between 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. tickets will be on sale from 1:45 p.m. onwards.

Please also remember that we are collecting prizes for the raffle and that your always generous donations are most gratefully received!

Village matters

An anonymous letter has been received concerning an increasing incidence of dogs barking incessantly in the village! Please try not to ignore dogs that bark for long periods as this creates considerable stress for the animals and distress and concern for the neighbours. The letter has been passed on to the Parish Council.

WWW Art Exhibition to be held on July 20th

There will be an art exhibition Sponsored by Wereham Wildlife Woodland held in the church on Festival Day, exhibiting the work of children and young people (up to the age of 18) in the village. There will be no entry fee and the aim is to promote creativity and environmental awareness among our young people.

Details concerning themes, age groups and subjects will be published in next month's magazine and will be posted on the Church notice board in June. This will include both arts (painting and drawing)and crafts such as model- making, and sculpture.

For more information please contact Pammie Walker or Stina Burger (Horseshoe Cottage in Church Road)

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