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Stoke Ferry Annual general Parish Council Meeting

June 2008

Minutes of the annual general Parish Council meeting


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Annual General Parish Council Meeting held in

the Community Centre At 7.30pm on Wednesday 7 May 2008

1. Those Attending: Cllr M Ferrie, Cllr Mrs T Mann, Cllr D Summers, Cllr Mrs S Lansdell-Williams, Cllr Mrs R Mendoza, Cllr M Precey, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Councillor J Nicholas Letch, Cllr M Mycock, Borough Councillor Colin Sampson, Inspector Mick Bates, Lorraine Douglass and Nicky Patton from Environmental Health and Housing BCKLWN and Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 10 Members of the public.

2. Apologies: Apologies were received from Watlington Safer Neighbourhood Watch

3. Election of Chairman

Nominations were asked for the position of Chairman - Mr Ferrie nominated Mrs Mann, this was not seconded. Mr Ferrie was nominated by Mr Mycock seconded by Mrs Mendoza, there were no further nominations, Mr Ferrie accepted and took the Chair.

4. Election of Vice Chairman

Nominations were asked for the post of Vice Chairman - Mrs Mann was nominated by Mr Mycock seconded by Mr Summers, there were no further nominations, Mrs Mann accepted the position.

The Chairman welcomed Inspector Bates to the meeting, the continuing problems which had been reported following the last few meetings, were raised, speeding, vandalism in the playing fields, inconsiderate parking, parking without lights outside 30mph limit and unlicensed bikes being ridden dangerously around the village. Inspector Bates would look into these matters, he also outlined some of the changes taking place within the police, the SNW teams have been issued with bicycles therefore when visiting the villages should have more chance of getting to know residents, also being more visible. It was felt important that representatives/villagers should attend the CAG meetings. It was hoped that a PCSO would be able to attend PC Meetings occasionally. The Chairman thanked Inspector Bates for attending.

The Chairman welcomed Lorraine Douglass (Principal Officer Housing Needs) and Nicky Patton (Enabling Officer) BCKLWN who kindly agreed to give a brief talk on Affordable Housing in the area. There is a need for 750 new affordable houses every year, the borough council still run the Housing Register for approximately 14/15 Housing Associations. Section 106 Agreement - builders could build 40 properties before they were required to provide affordable housing, this is now changing. In villages with developments of 10 or more or sites of 1/2 hectare or more 30% to be affordable. Several questions were asked and answered. The Chairman thanked Lorraine and Nicky for attending the meeting.

8.30pm Councillor Mycock left the meeting.

5. Minutes of Last Meeting: Cllr Mrs Mendoza proposed that the Minutes be accepted seconded by Cllr Mrs T Mann.

6. Matters Arising:

a) Speed Limit in School Lane - pedestrian warning sign is now in place,

b) The Cemetery/Garden of Remembrance - Cllr Nicholas-Letch advised the meeting that bulbs had been planted, a very old grave had been cleaned the area around same will be re-grassed. Highways had agreed to re-tarmac the car park outside the Cemetery. Measures to be put in place to prevent cars driving over the grass onto Furlong Drove. Plans to re-tarmac the front of the Cemetery to be costed and included in the budget.

c) Buckenham Drive - A meeting was held on 4 April between the Public Open Spaces Manager, Borough Councillor Sampson and the PC to discuss the problems encountered in the hammerhead. The matter has been passed to the Property Services Sections but no feedback has so far been received. At the same time the Assistant Highways Engineer attended to inspect the new surface works, the contractors are to carry out remedial works where water stands and weeds growing through the footpaths. Borough Councillor Sampson informed the meeting he had visited the area by the bungalows 1-4 with the Chief Executive - this area may be transferred to Freebridge.

d) LAG Meeting - Cllr Mrs Mendoza attended the last two meetings - Parking at the Bluebell seems to have been dealt with, but should it occur again report registration number(s) to the Police. The next meeting is on Friday 6 June.

e) Clothing Bank at School - Cllr Mrs Mendoza advised the next meeting will be on 19 May when this will be raised.

f) Care Home - the PC still waiting for a copy of the signed Protocol document once signed by all parties. The Clerk to chase this up.

g) New Bus Stops - the signs are now in place. It was felt that the bus stops should have timetables displayed on them. The Clerk to contact Norfolk County Council.

h) Pot Holes Lynn Road - the area to be checked to ensure the works have been carried out.

i) CCTV Camera - the footage can be viewed on line - instructions to be provided for PC use only.

j) Post Box Buckenham Drive - new plate in place but still to be painted, the Clerk to chase up again.

k) Wretton Road - All letters and Certificates of Numbering have been hand delivered to all residents, some properties are now displaying the new numbers. The question was raised - what is the procedure if new numbers are not displayed by everyone. The Clerk to check with the Borough Council Street Numbering Department

l) Parking opposite Bus Shelter - a sign is to be displayed on the house stating no parking across dropped kerb.

7. Adoption of Annual Accounts/Financial Regulations & Risk Assessment & Management:

A copy of the Annual Accounts had been circulated. The annual accounts and annual return were proposed for adoption by Cllr Mrs Mendoza and seconded by Cllr Mrs Mann, including the Financial Regulations and Risk Assessment and Management.

8. Provision of Litter Bins in Parish Areas:

The Borough Council are to introduce a scheme for charging for emptying litter bins in 2009, a meeting to be arranged to review the provision of litter bins in the village. Currently bins are located on The Hill near phone box, Lynn Road/Bradfield Place and The Common. A suggestion was made for a bin to be placed on the Playing Fields Car Park. The Clerk will organise a meeting in the next few weeks.

9. Village Liaison Committee Update:

Copy of the Minutes were distributed at the meeting. Cllr Mrs Mann gave a brief update - only one complaint had been received since last meeting, odour and dust particulates reading for January-April show average reading approximately 50% lower than the Government Human Health Objectives.

10. Local Government Review in Norfolk Update:

Following a meeting in April attended by Councillors and the Clerk, Cllr Mrs Mann gave a brief outline of what is possibly going to happen to Norfolk - the proposal submitted by the BCKLWN is to have an East/West split. There will be a further update meeting in July on the latest position of the Boundary Committee.

11 Planning:

Approved by Parish

Restoration of attic room dormer windows on north wing at Park House High Street

Refusal of Planning Permission

Construction of dwelling at land adjacent to The Hunny Pot Furlong Road

Change of use of workshop to dwelling at development West of Maltese House Lynn Road

Erection of dwelling and detached studio & playroom 2 The Hollow

Approved by the Borough

Construction of driveway access at MonAmi Wretton Road

Extension and alterations to hairdressers shop and creation of first floor residential accommodation over at Nibbs Unisex Salon Buckenham Drive

Grant of conservation area consent - demolition of existing facade at Nibbs Unisex Salon Buckenham Drive

New Applications

Construction of dwelling and garage at Maltese House, Lynn Road

Construction of extension at The Old Dairy Thompsons Lane

12. Accounts for Approval

Direct Debit payment to e-on Energy £39.40 - Lighting -March

Direct Debit - Anglian Water - £26.50 - Cemetery Water Rates

MHB Services Ltd - £65.78 - Lighting Maintenance April/May

Allianz - £637.80 - Annual Insurance Premium

NCAP&TC - £172.18 - Annual Subscription

BCKLWN - £32.69 - Collection of Dog Waste

Cllr Mrs Mann proposed approval for payment seconded by Cllr Mrs Mendoza

Statement of Account as at 7 April 2008 - Balance Brought Forward - £2538.99, less Payments to date £797.44, Balance in Bank £1921.22. Unpresented cheques £179.67.

13. Correspondence:

All Saints Church Wretton with Stoke Ferry - requesting donation to help with repair works to the roof. The request was refused.

14. Councillors Other Business:

Cllr Mrs Leamon raised a query relating to car parking at the school, as from June no parking will be allowed on the school field, which in turn will mean many cars will be parking on Wretton Road. No action to be taken at the moment.

The footpath between Wretton Road and Buckenham Drive is overgrown with weeds, the Clerk to contact Borough.

The footpath alongside the playing fields next to Fairfield Road bungalows is overgrown. The Clerk to enquire if this belongs to the Playing Fields.

The Chairman asked if everyone was happy with the arrangement that when visitors attend meetings, they should be included in the parameter of the meeting. Everyone was in agreement with this and thought it useful.

15. Public Other Business

Wretton Road renumbering - it was reported that Royal Mail had deleted house names from their database, the Clerk informed the meeting that House Names should still be used in addition to the new number. It would be for individual residents to make contact with Royal Mail.

Cars/vans are crossing the grassed area at the back of Fairfield Road and Border Road bungalows and parking along the unmade footpath near the playing fields. If registration number can be obtained pass this to the police. Cllr Nicholas-Letch offered to contact Highways to see if they can help.

A query was made as to whether The Hollow development should all be eco friendly, since the outline planning permission was given there have been some changes, some approved and some refused.

A loose kerb was reported near the fish shop in Buckenham Drive.

Why had the security fence at the Wells Homes development in Lynn Road been realigned - this is apparently to ease the parking problem.

The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance during the last year, he also felt that councillors were getting more involved with issues which was very pleasing.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.45pm

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 18 June 2008 commencing at 7.30pm.

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Parish Clerk

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