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June 2008

Minutes of the Wretton Parish Council



TUESDAY 11th March 2008

Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman,

Cllr M Peake, Cllr A Box, Cllr S Briston, Cllr L Peake, 3 members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Cllr. G Mansell, County Councillor Mr. T White.

2. No Declarations of Interest made;

3. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the 08/01/08 were confirmed as a true record of the meeting.

4. Matters Arising:

 Problems with the sewerage are still ongoing and it was agreed to discuss this matter later in the meeting.

 Hedges around the parish have been trimmed.

 A football goal set has been purchased which Cllr. M Peake offered to erect. If the original siting proposed causes any problems the goal can be relocated.

 The Standards Board DVD which was passed to the Chairman at the last meeting will now be passed to other Councillors.

5. Chairman's Report:

The Chairman stated that the official 'unveiling' of the village sign had taken place and Rev. Bennett will be thanked for conducting the dedication.

Clerk's Report:

 It was agreed to hold the 2008 Annual Parish Meeting on the 13th May @ 7pm in the Church.

 Grass cutting will cost £56.75 per occasion for the forthcoming season. It was decided to continue with the present grass cutting contractors for another three year period.

 The 2008 playground equipment inspection has been booked.

 A letter has been drafted to open an Instant Access Account with Barclays which will provide a higher rate of interest on reserve money held.

 Provision of weight limit restriction signs is being investigated by Borough Councillor Colin Sampson following a request received from Stoke Ferry Parish Council.

6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

Clerk's wages/expenses (Jan/Feb.) £109.58

MHB Services x2 £32.50

ESPO (goal) £148.34

NRCC sub. £15.00

James Bradfield School £60.75

Insurance for Historical Fair £250.00

External Audit £141.00

A request to fund the insurance for the Historical Fair to be held in Wretton on May 18th had previously been agreed but a second request to extend the insurance to cover portable toilets was refused.

Finance - @ 29/02/08 (read out for the benefit of the members of the public present)

Community Account 1480.16

Business Premium Account 1668.90

Business Reserve Account 12676.68


Councillors were presented with an accounts summary and bank reconciliation.

7. Correspondence:

1. Meeting the Boundary Committee - County Hall March 13th @ 7pm

2. Norfolk Care Services Directory 0844 800 8014

3. Standards Committee Agenda/Minutes

4. Cromer Lane drainage

5. Celebrate St. George's Day booklet

6. Council meeting agenda

7. Funding Opportunities

8. Orders and Regulations relating to the Conduct of Local Authority Members in England Consultation

10. Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Development Framework documents


12. Appointment of External Auditor

13. NRCC Field Days

14. Donation request from the Samaritans

15. BCKLWN Planning Enforcement Team - improving communication (read to Councillors)

16. Retirement of Stuart Chaplin, NCAPTC Executive Officer

8. Planning:

Notice of grant of planning permission:

Construction of extension to existing dwelling at 6 Church Road, Wretton 07/02465/F

9. All Eras History Fair update;

Cllr. Llewellyn has attended a meeting of Wretton Historical Organisation (WHO) and he gave a brief report of what is planned for the Fair on May 18th. Re-enactors from several historical periods will be attending the Fair and demonstrations such as flint knapping and falconry should be taking place. A 1940's band has been booked and ale will be brewed to mark the event. Much organisation is taking place to make this day a success and the Parish Council will help to promote the event by placing notices on the village notice boards and by providing a page on the Wretton web site.

10. Village Green and pond;

The Parish Council now owns the Village Green and must take on issues relating to the 'pond' and how it should be better managed. The possibility of establishing byelaws to help maintain rules relating to good practise being undertaken by users of the Green will be investigated. Policy needs to be established as to what should be permitted on the Green and possibly a sign should be erected stating rules such as 'No Parking on the Green'.

11. Other Reports - for information only:

Councillors had no further reports.


 Some discussion took place regarding the proposed new drainage in Cromer Lane.

 It was queried whether there is a weight restriction along Low Road as large lorries use this road. It was thought a weight restriction sign should be erected.

 Bushes are reported as being cut on Stoke Ferry Common.

 Some discussion took place regarding the present village development boundary. The Parish Council resist attempts to develop outside the boundary but it is possible the boundary may be reconsidered through the emerging Local Development Framework process and the Parish Council will be able to pass comment on this at the appropriate time.

 Mr Alan Jacobs was asked to give an update regarding the ongoing sewerage saga. A meeting has taken place with representatives from Anglian Water and work has been undertaken on the system at Flegg Green. New air valves have been installed and the dosage regime has been looked at. Those present however felt that water is still expected to flow uphill and this problem is not being addressed. However the situation is being monitored. Not all Mr. Jacobs queries have been answered yet and according to Mr. Jacobs the situation is no better. The Chairman has not noticed any smell recently other than in the area of the Old Red Lion and it is believed the smell there is emanating from foul water in the roadside ditch. The Environment Agency is aware of this matter but no report has been received from them regarding it. Problems with the sewerage have now been going on for over two years. The Parish Council does voice support to those affected most and continues to put pressure on other bodies to hopefully reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Chairman's Signature............................................. Date...............

Parish Clerk

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