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Minutes of Wereham Annual Parish Meeting

June 2008

Minutes of the 2008 annual Wereham Parish Council meeting.

Minutes of the Wereham Annual Parish Council Meeting following the Parish Meeting on 13th May 2008 in the Village Hall.

1. Present: R. Lankfer. Mrs. Willis, D. Pickston, P. Norris, P. Markwell together with 5 members of the public.

2. Apologies: G. Gott and C. Humphries

3. Election of Chairman: The clerk asked for nominations and R. Lankfer was proposed by Mrs. Willis and seconded by P. Markwell, there being no other nominations R. Lankfer was duly elected.

4. Election of Vice Chairman: Nominations were called for and Mrs. Willis proposed P. Markwell this was seconded by R. Lankfer and P. Markwell was duly elected.

5. Minutes: It was proposed by Mrs. Willis and seconded by P. Norris that the minutes of meeting held on 1 1th March 2008 be signed as a correct record.

6. Matters Arising: The footpath along Stoke Road has been re-surfaced and the hedge trimmed. The Goal Post has been re-erected but facing a different direction, the kerb in Church Road has been repaired. The Church boundary wall remains the responsibility of the P. P.C.

7. Planning Application: Const. of 4 dwellings following demolition of existing dwelling at The Springs, Flegg Green - recommend approval Planning Decision: D. Moran - Conservatory extension to existing dwelling School Lane - approved; J.Eastgate - Conservatory extension to Windy Willows, Cavenham Road - refused.

8. Payments: Village Hall - 2 years £72.00 W.N.B.C. £38.93 - Nfk. Playing Fields £15.00 - N.A.P.& T.C. £127.43 - T.B. Bonnett £43.71 - proposed P. Norris seconded D. Pickston pass for payment.

9. Adoption of Accounts: It was proposed by P. Markwell, seconded by D. Pickston that the accounts be adopted as presented.

10. Appointment of R.F.O. Proposed by R. Lankfer and seconded by Mrs. Willis - the clerk be appointed.

11. Review of Burial Fees: - All fees to be increased by £5.00 Electricity Account: This will continue to be paid monthly by direct debit.

12. Correspondence: N.C.C. Graduate Engineer questionnaire - clerk to complete. Norfolk Matters : Norfolk Link : N.R.C.C. Leaflet : Norfolk Police Mobile timetable:

Samaritans request for donation - all noted. W.NB.C. standards Committee - member application - P. Norris is interested in applying. External Auditors ar Mazars LLP. W.M.B.C. letter ref Special expenses - clerk to follow up. W.N.B.C. Reorganisation of Councils in Norfolk - R. Lankfer agreed to attend all necessary meetings. N.C.C. Footway Scheme Flegg Green - noted. W.N.B.C. notification that Telephone box is recommended for removal - clerk to write to retain.

13. Any Other Business: Grass inside the Gas compound is not being cut neither is the Memorial area in the Cemetery, Street light o/s Old Post Office is on constantly as is the one over the Memorial together with the one o/s The Springs in Flegg Green and the one in Church Road o/s The Limes is not on at all.

The footpath between The Forge and Vine House Church Road is very mossy and dangerous. Mr. Pickstone thinks the Council might consider some financial assistance for the Youth Club and P. Markwell suggests the organisers come to another meeting with a plan of their ideas and financial projection. The hedge o/s no 3 Stoke Road needs trimming also the one o/s no. 1 The Row. The clerk is to notify the Police of children playing 'chicken' on foot and bicycle in Stoke Road. P. Norris wants all Neighbourhood Watch correspondence forwarded to him. John Eastgate confirmed that the verges should all be cut in the next few weeks. The Borough Council are to be asked if a bin could be supplied / erected near the Village Hall and emptied by W.N.B.C. The head of the 30m.p.h. sign near the Church wall is missing.

The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.

Parish Clerk

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