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June 2008

Les presents a new monthly newsletter for The Methwold Social Club

LUNCHES: I'm sure when our Founding Fathers started our Club nearly 90 years ago dining out at the Club wasn't on their menu. Gail our Stewardess tells me these monthly Lunches are proving to be very popular, 2 courses at £6-50 appears to be good value.

Next Lunch Sunday June 1st from 12noon to 2-30pm.

Please book: 01366-728703.

POOL: Both teams have completed all of their fixtures, the A Team under the captaincy of Colin Gathercole, and vice captain Stan Smith finished 2nd in the Northwold League. The B Team didn't do quite as well but there is always next season.

SNOOKER: This is a sport that I think should be more popular than it is at present. In reflective mood the other day I was thinking of the number of excellent players our Club has produced in the past. Fred Lawrence, Charlie Rudderham, Matt Maidwell, who always wore a bow tie when he played, Keith Rutterford, Tony Yates, these are just a few who quickly came to mind.

WOMENS CLUB: The Ladies next meeting at our Club is June 18th they meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Why not come along, say 7-30pm.

APPEARANCE: To me this is everything and I find when I walk in to our Club how immaculate it looks at all times.

NEW MEMBERS: Have you thought of being a member of our Social Club?

Annual Subscription: Pensioners £2,the younger ones, £5.

See you next month.

Les Lawrence

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