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June Editorial

June 2008

Ray summarised the contents of this months Pump and congratulates Wretton on their All Eras festival

Was that summer or just a taste of things to come? What a glorious 10 days or so we had in May; I got quite sunburnt. It also brought back the swallows & martins, my favourite summer visitors. So let us hope it continues; global warming or not!

The June Pump is rather larger than usual, despite the absence of regular items such as The Village Kitchen. It is that time of year again, when all the Parish Councils hold two meeting of considerable importance; new Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected and local organisations make their annual reports, I believe these events are of sufficient importance to take precedence over things like our local recipes. We also have the minutes of the Favor Parker Village Liaison Committee. On that score, how nice to see "The Hall" getting a well deserved face lift.

By all accounts, the Wretton All Eras event was a tremendous success. At least it was if the number of cars parked around the village were a reasonable indication! Keith MacLeod has given a taste of the day on page 6 but perhaps the organisers could let me have a full report for next month? I must say, the sight of so many people in traditional costume was itself quite a shock to the system.

I was quite stunned to read the report of the Boughton Dawn Chorus Walk and Talk (page 22). I am amazed that so many people left the warmth of their beds to gather on Boughton Fen at 4 o'clock in the morning. But from the account given, it was very much worth the effort. Well done Boughton.

Readers are encouraged to read the items on pages 18 and 39. First, Bobbie Szourou (nee Petrie) is desperately seeking temporary safe storage for her late mothers effects. If anyone can help, please follow the instructions given. Second, the ladies of Boughton Surgery are joining in the Race for Life at Houghton Hall on Tuesday 22nd July as detailed on page 39. This

particular race has been chosen so that they can take part without interrupting their work. Please sponsor these courageous ladies by contacting the Boughton Surgery on 01366 500331.

As you will see on page 32, Mr Grumpy has decided to put away his pen. I know that his articles have attracted considerable comment; some for and some against. The important thing is the Grumpy Old Man did get Stoke Ferry residents talking about village problems. That can be no bad thing, can it?

Ray Thompson

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