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Yet another letter to the Editor

May 2008

Les heaps prais on the Pump Production team

Dear Editor,

I hope you will allow me a little more space to comment further on your position as Editor of our Village Pump. You tell me that come August 2008 you will have completed some 8 years as Editor, and you have also kindly supplied me, at my request, with some figures which to me makes interesting reading.

Your 1st publication was in August 2000 and the preceding one, July 2000, contained 26 pages, the March 2008 Issue contained some 68 pages, an increase of 161%. The advertising income for the year an increase of some 300% on that raised in1999/00

Your modesty Mr Editor will not allow you to state the obvious but there can be no question that we are more than fortunate to have as Editor a man whose technical ability has to be admired but even that almost pales in to insignificance compared to your boundless enthusiasm, and that is something not all of us are blessed with.


Les Lawrence

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