River Wissey Lovell Fuller


May 2008

More of Graham's alternative dictionary definitions

CAMPSITE - Special building plot for gay people

MIDGET - Tiny insect

LAMPLIGHT - Fate of young sheep

PARADES - Invasions by the "Fathers for Justice"

DETERGENT - Something that persuades a man not to do something

GUTTA-PERCHA - Bird that lives on the edge of the pavement

PUT IN PLACE - Residence of Russia's pr4esident

INJURY - Being part of the judging-in-court process

EMULATE - Dead flightless bird

PEERAGE - Flare up of temper in a toilet

FROGMARCH - Part of French Army drill

PORTENTS - Unsuccessful Scout Jamboree

PEARDROP - Bra-less woman

Graham Forster

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