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May Editorial

May 2008

The monthly "intro" from The Editor

No deaths to report this month, thank goodness; I was beginning to feel vulnerable. Well you know how it is for us OAP's - while I'm down here tying my shoelaces, what else needs doing?

We have, though, had our share of thrills this month. On Monday last we came home to find a 'For Sale' sign firmly attached to our garden wall. When I rang the Estate Agent they concluded that it should have been erected at Ferryman's Cottage, not Ferryway. However, on checking, a similar sign had also been erected on that property too. So, either the 'Board Man' as they called him made a genuine mistake or, he decided that choosing between two similar names was too difficult so he boarded both properties. I was surprised at just what a shock this was to our neighbours who were, rightly, upset that we might be selling up without telling them. No chance of us doing a mid-night flit; we like Stoke Ferry too much.

We have a full and varied Pump again this month thanks to our many contributors. I must say up front that I fully agree with our Resident Grumpy Old Man about the strange decision to reduce the width of Bridge Road. The Bridge has been an accident black spot for years so why make the situation worse? Unless, of course, Phase 2 of the roadwork's introduces traffic lights to control traffic over the bridge!

As we fast approach the Whitsun weekend you will be justified in asking "Where is the sun?" We seem to get short, welcome glimpses of it before the weather turns once again to rain and cold winds. The trouble is, the garden and the wildlife remain as confused as us. Bluebells are already in full flower although they are not normally in such an advanced state until May. The birds a working their little socks off feeding their new families while their normal food sources have still to materialise and the rabbits can't seem to tell day from night. Wretton Fen Road meadows are alive with literally hundreds of rabbits, many of them only days old.

Readers are urged to support the Wretton All Ages History Fair scheduled for Sunday 18th May. Much work has gone into the preparation of this challenging event, so do give your support. For those with tapping feet, there is also the Stoke Ferry Stompers Dance on Saturday 17th May, so why not make it a long weekend of debauchery?

Ray Thompson

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