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May 2008

An appeal to readers to help fund restoration work for All Saints Church, Wretton



Church wardens: Trish Willis (01366 500138) & Elaine Taylor (01366 500948)


Boughton Road

Stoke Ferry

King's Lynn


PE33 9ST

Dear Village Resident,

We are pleased that work is coming to an end on repairing your Church in Wretton. This has included some important repair of seriously damaged plasterwork in difficult of access locations as well as the roof. We are writing to ask if you are able to make a donation towards the restoration fund please.

It's a beautiful historic Church, usually open all day every day. You don't have to be attending a service to come inside, and it's available for community activities.

We have been fund raising for this work for over three years but still have a little way to go as we are unable to cover the final invoice from the contractors. We have received substantial grants and have raised money through community events and already very generous donations, but we have to come and ask you now in a desperate attempt to raise the last few thousand pounds to enable us to complete this essential work to a building which we know most of the people in our villages wish to preserve for ourselves and for future generations.

We ask if you could please make a contribution either through your bank or you can call us or email us for personal collections.

The Church's Annual Meeting will be held in the Church (which may still be in a 'mess' internally) on Saturday 12th April at 230pm. Everyone is welcome to come to this meeting.

Apart from other business there will be a presentation of the costs and the funding of the Restoration work, which is now almost completed.

Kind regards,

Elaine Taylor and Trish Willis Churchwardens

Bank Details:

Barclays Bank

Account Name: All Saints Church

Sort code: 20-46-65

Account Number: 70982636

Elaine Taylor

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