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West Dereham PC Minutes

April 2008

Minutes of the 13th March meeting of West dereham PC

1. Present: Miss Richardson - chairperson: Mrs. Cann: Mrs. Berry: R. Drew: M. Grief together with 2 members of the public.

2. Apologies: T. Manley - Boro' Councillor.

3. Minutes: It was agreed that the Minutes of the meeting held on 14th February 2008 be signed as a correct record.

4. Matters Arising: The public meeting arranged with the Member of Parliament and representatives from Norfolk County Council and the Police is to take place on

9th MAY 2008 in the VILLAGE HALL at 7. 30 p.m. The passing bay signs have been erected. Play Area - Miss Richardson has spoken to the Borough Council regarding the proposed 9000% rise in the rent for the area and it was agreed that she endeavour to negotiate and that they be asked to quote the statutory regulations under which they are increasing the rent.

5. Planning: Glazewing Ltd, Station Road - erection of Portal Framed Building to House Re-cycling Operations - clerk to ask if this will increase traffic and could the decision be withheld until after the public meeting on the 9th May 2008.

6. Payments: Audit Commission - £58. 75: proposed Mrs. Berry seconded Mrs. Cann pass for payment.

7. Correspondence: There was a letter asking for a donation from the Samaritans and it was agreed not to donate this year; N.C.A.P. & T Councils - Link; West Norfolk Borough Council Planning Enforcement Team - complaints form - both noted.

8. Any Other Business: Footpath Signs need to be re-erected near the Village Hall to The Row and adjacent to The Chequers. There are pot holes at the front edge of the 2nd passing bay after the garage on Church Road and in Wereham Road and at the junction of St. Andrews Walk I Lime Kiln Road.

There will be NO meeting in APRIL - PUBLIC meeting on 9th MAY and Parish Meeting followed by Annual meeting of the Parish Council will be at the end of at.

The meeting closed at 8.35 p.m.

Parish Clerk

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