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April 2008

Our monthly update from Wereham

News from St Margaret's

Church cleaning: it may not be possible to keep our usual date(which is the first Wednesday of every month) as it is possible that restoration work will have already begun. Therefore the date will be advised if it proves possible.

Delivery of G4 magazines in the village

Special thanks must go to Pat and Bill Le Bourne, who for the past eight years have delivered 76 magazines every month to Queens Close and The Row. At last they are able to "retire" properly -since Charles, Phyl and Patricia have kindly offered to take over the beat. Thank you, Pat and Bill, for gamely continuing for so long something you originally agreed to do in a purely temporary capacity!

I would like to appeal once again for someone to deliver to Gibbet Lane (which includes Fincham Road) only nine magazines altogether.

The Village Post Office -- The good news and bad news

The good news is that Wereham post office was not included in the list of the intended closures. Doreen Ralph has received a letter from Royal Mail asking her to advertise in the village for someone to take over the franchise for the Wereham Post Office and to re-open the branch.

The "bad" news is that the Post Office cannot simply be re-opened in its former premises and a new situation will have to be found. However we are hoping that someone knows exactly how it can be done and would like to have a try!

Will anyone interested please contact Doreen Rolph as soon as possible on 01366 500218.

G4 news for May and June: an apology

I am really sorry that I will not be able to coordinate the news for the Wereham page for the months of May and June and am currently offline. I hope that anyone who has items for the G4 Magazine -- concerning Church or Village Hall activities, Open Gardens or preparations for the Church Festival will send items directly to Eileen Powell, whose e-mail address is available on the inside of the front cover. Eileen will then forward them to the relevant editor of that month. Please make sure that you send your items in a Word document as an attachment using Aerial 12 font. It makes it so much easier for the editor.

Many thanks

Pammie Walker

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