River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the Editor 1

April 2008

Les responds to his critics with a fine turn of phrase

Dear Editor,

With regard to the future direction of our Village Pump I note with a certain disappointment some of the content in the letters sent to you by Ted Fuller and Graham Forster. Whilst I am sure you welcome comment from your readers, I am also sure you will agree with me that Ted Fuller need not have resorted to such words and comments as: "Inflated Egos" "Bloated Self importance" "Odium" "Cynicism" "Pomposity" and "Vanity." My God, we are only talking about our Village Magazine. Ted Fuller's choice of words tells me so much about the man; I feel no need to make further comment.

Turning now to Graham Forster and his description of my efforts as "Rambling Drivel", I would have thought with his command of our English language, or am I guilty of crediting him with something be doesn't possess, that it would have allowed him to use a less abusive phase. And then for him to go on to make the incredible assumption that I am trying to get myself elected to the Pump Management Committee as a Sales and Advertising Manager, at my age fast approaching 79 years of age and as deaf as a post, what on earth is he thinking of?

However Graham Forster hasn't finished yet. He then goes on to what be calls "my evergreen bleat about using people from outside the six villages to help to administer the Pump is not going to get me anywhere". What on earth does he expect me to say about a situation which at this moment may well be hypothetical but let's say sometime in the future for reasons best known to yourself you Mr. Editor decide to relocate some couple of miles down the road to Oxborough. Graham Forster would at once demand your resignation not on the grounds of diminished ability to do your job as Editor but because you are living in the wrong Village.

I find all of this so stimulating I'm inclined to go out and buy a copy of the Dandy; no to heck with it I'll buy the Beano as well.


Les Lawrence

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