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April 2008

Les again bemoans the lack of interest in local intiatives by village residents

I did consider going along to the Meeting on the 5th March regarding the Stoke Ferry Parish Plan but I chickened out on the grounds that I didn't think I had anything to contribute and I wondered if anyone else had. Stoke Ferry Parish Plan, or Methwold Parish Plan, it's the same difference! We had several years ago the Methwold Appraisal; we have another one due any day now for what purpose? Sorry can't help you, I've no idea.

We have to ask ourselves where Stoke Ferry, Methwold, or any village you care to mention is really going. My quick answer is I haven't the faintest idea. What I do know is that we are letting our young people down; if they are drawing inspiration from us oldies then God help them. What the problem is for many of us oldies is we have this Philosophy, "More of the same" or "Steady as she Goes!" If you dare advocate change you are classed as a trouble maker.

Let's consider one or two facts to illustrate this; first, Adult Education which the Government is spending millions of pounds on. Well you show me one person in Stoke Ferry, yes and Methwold, etc, who's interested and I will show you a hundred who couldn't care a monkeys. Second, free bus travel; this again costs millions of pounds and again for every one person who regularly takes advantage of it there's a hundred who don't.

At Methwold High School we have a computer for use by anyone who's interested; it's supplied by West Norfolk Council, cost, say £400 - £500 and it's taken Methwold by storm! So much so that it might just as well have been thrown in to Wereham Pond. I'm supposed to be the Co-coordinator whatever that means and when I see someone I might just ask them what it does mean; assuming I see anyone.

This is what I mean by letting our young people down. We should be leading by example, and what an example. When I look at young people leaving Methwold High School at age 16 today I see myself leaving Methwold Primary at 13 all those years ago nothing has changed. I left School lacking Initiative and Enterprise and so do most of our young people today and the fault lies with us as Parents, because where is our get up and go? It appears to have got up and gone.

Of course you get the occasional person, young and old, who does show a little bit of effort but let's face they are few and far between. If only we could bring ourselves to realise that if you keep on doing the same old thing then don't be surprised if you get the same old results.

Pick up a newspaper today and what's the topic of the day? Closing Post Offices! And when that happens all hell breaks loose and the real reason is we can't accept change. What we should be doing is welcoming change because you can't stay as you are, although I fear a lot of people would like to.


Les Lawrence

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