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April 2008

The editor expresses concern at the loss of another Pump stalwart and advises readers of the ;atest bus timetables

Hello again,

I am really finding it difficult to accept this but, for the third month running, I have to start this editorial with the sad news of the death of yet another Pump stalwart. Connie Petrie, one of our founder members, died in March and Chris Young offers a charming note of condolence on page 10. Please let that be the end to our losses.

On a more mundane note (if he will forgive that choice of words) Ron Watts' soapbox is missing this month. I think he has had to put it in for repair and re-decoration. He has offered the miscellany on page 45 as his apology for slacking. I'm sure that Ron's Soapbox will return next week in pristine condition. Also, at the request of Stoke Ferry Parish Council, the usual Information Pages have been omitted this month. They have been replaced by bus timetables from Stoke Ferry to King's Lynn, Stoke Ferry to Downham and the return journeys. I hope these help; I will keep updating them as necessary. Unfortunately, putting them in print confirms just how poorly our local villages are served by Public transport; a point well made by our Grumpy Old Man in Straight Talking on page 32.

While I am on my soapbox, I am a little concerned that I am not receiving regular inputs from a number of sources. I have had only one Stoke Ferry Methodist letter this year; little from the "Young at Heart Group" and not an awful lot from the "Forget-me-not Club". Come on guys, give your Editor a break!

When all else fails, it is said that the English always revert to discussing the weather. So here goes! If ever a month lived up to it's reputation, it has to be March. It is reputed that March always comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb! Well the first prophecy is certainly right; gales, storms, more gales and now snow! So who is going to convince March that it has to go out like a lamb? Not me; I don't want to find my roof blown off or my tree blown down. Perhaps we should have an end of month tree hugging event to placate the elements.

To conclude, I hope your Easter holiday plans were not totally destroyed. We had some friends to stay and thoroughly enjoyed the "craic", shared meals and general 'bon hommie'! So, how's that for a multi-lingual conclusion to this editorial?

Ray Thompson

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