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April 2008

In remembrance of Connie petrie, who died this month


22.07.27 - 14.03 .08

It is with sadness that we record the death of one of the longest-standing "new" residents of Stoke Ferry.

Connie and Jack Petrie came to live in Wretton Road, Stoke Ferry in the seventies and immediately got themselves involved in many community projects and activities. They could be counted on to turn up to all sorts of events, and gave their vocal encouragement, practical help and financial support wherever possible.

They were the main production stalwarts of the Village Pump in the seventies and eighties, often taking their sandwiches down to the old school over a weekend and turning the handle of the first ink Gestetner until all the piles of pages for each new issue were complete. They shared in the production committee meetings, when Jack or Connie would enliven the proceedings from their fund of many anecdotes, which were always so appreciatively received.

Sadly Jack's health deteriorated as a result of working in an asbestos factory many years earlier, and he died some years ago, leaving Connie to fight on in her own determined way.

She had suffered from ill-health herself for many years, but kept going with the loving help of the friends around her. After a short spell in hospital in early March, Connie returned home to Wretton Road, where, on l4~ March she suffered a severe aneurism. She was taken back into hospital by ambulance, but died later that evening, in the arms of her elder daughter, Celia (Howes).

We send our love to Celia and her sister, Bobbie, in the loss of their mother

Chris Young

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