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Village Liaison Meeting Minutes

March 2008

Minutes of the quarterli liaison meeting with Grampian Foods

Agriculture Division

Stoke Ferry Feed Mills


Wednesday 16th January 2008

Present: Mrs Pat Holton (Village Representative)

Mr Ray Thompson (Editor Village Pump)

Mrs Trudy Mann (Parish Council)

Mr David Haines (KLWNBC)

Mr Dick Jacklin (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr Keith White ( Grampian Country Food Group)

1. Apologies:

Mr L Halls

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (17th October 2007) and matters arising.

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

3. Complaints received since the last meeting.

Mr K White stated that the Company had received 2 complaints.

A resident of Buckenham Drive complained of a lorry engine noise from approximately 4.00am on various mornings of the week prior to Christmas.

The investigation found vehicles were parked near to the Buckenham Drive entrance ready for the next day's deliveries. An instruction has been given not to park vehicles near the bottom gate.

A resident of Oxborough complained of a lorry allegedly speeding through the village on the 3rd January 2008.

4. Noise

No other issues were raised other than those recorded in the complaints section.

Mr K White informed the committee that the Company had requisitioned a noise survey of the mill; the results showed a specific "tonal noise" level which could be attributed to the site LEV system. As a result of the survey a system has been designed. This should reduce the tonal noise levels within the mill; the system is expected to be fitted by the end of April.

5. Transport.

No other issues were raised other than those recorded in the complaints section.

6. Odour Dust & particulates.

Mr R Thompson stated that he had detected a fishy odour when a vehicle had been discharging near the top gate. Mr K White stated that vehicles discharging in this area only deliver minerals which do not have any noticeable smell.

A resident of Furlong Drove commented on a "sticky substance" on their car & could this be attributed to the mill. It was a general consensus of the Committee that having had lengthy debates in the past regarding this particular issue that no process in the mill would cause this problem.

Mr D Haines distributed results taken from the dust meter which is located in the village, he explained in depth the sampling methods & testing procedures.

The results for the five months from August show the average monthly readings were approximately 50% lower than the Government Human Health Objectives as incorporated in the 2007 Air Quality Strategy. The Human Health Objective is a mean or average measured on an annual basis so it will be interesting to see a full years results but, at the moment, the results indicate that a breach of the Objective is highly unlikely. These results back up previous work undertaken including an air dispersion study that was carried out in 2001.

7. AOB

Mrs P Holton asked if any developments had been made regarding the use of the 'Millers Arms'. Mr K White stated that there had been no progress since the prior meeting.

The village representatives asked for information regarding the recent reports of the sale of the Grampian Group which was seen in the press & internet.

Mr K White stated that he had seen the reports but was not aware of any sale.

Date of next meeting: 16th April 2008

Keith White

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