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Ted Fuller letter

March 2008

Ted is concerned at the length of some of the items submitted for publication

Dear Editor

The festive period is characterised by over-indulgence. Regrettably the pages of the Village Pump have succumbed to bloating. Can we look forward to a leaner, fitter and more desirable

profile for the Pump in the New Year please?

Uncontrolled indulgence, especially when in secret, creates blubber. I would prefer to read the editorially trimmed endeavours of your volunteers rather than their padded pub talk. Your readers deserve willowy prose. Keep the Pump in good shape by moderating the indulgence you afford contributors. Seize the opportunity to suppress inflated egos and curb bloated self-importance. Encourage the regular exercise of well informed and constructive ideas, not the couch potato of uncorroborated opinion. Weigh in with goodly deeds not deadly gloats.

In short, lean towards the delightfully inspirational rather than plump for odium, cynicism,

pomposity and vanity.

The Pump's contributors have many talents. Keep up the good work but please make 2008 the year for positive inspiration.

Yours resolutely,

Ted Fuller

Stoke Ferry

January 4th 2008

Ted Fuller

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