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Ron Watts writes to the Editor

March 2008

Ron corrects the view expressed in an earlier Straight Talking regarding speed limits for HGV's on a single carriageway

Dear Ray,

In his article in the January issue of The Pump, Grumpy Old Man pointed out that the speed limit for an HGV on a single carriageway road is 50mph. In fact, believe it or not, the speed limit for goods vehicles over 7.5tonnes maximum laden weight on a single carriageway is 40mph. If this law were to be enforced heavy lorries on the A134 or on the A1122, for example, would not be travelling faster than 40mph. We are all well aware that this is not the situation, most of these heavy vehicles will travel at 60mph whenever the road situation permits. A review of the national speed limits is long overdue, having any law that is completely disregarded and unenforced brings all laws into disrepute.

Ron Watts

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