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March 2008

Les wonders why there hasn't been any feedback to the Pump Editor

I'm sure I can put it down to old age but, I have for some time been aware that my hearing isn't as good as it used to be. Now it appears that my eye sight is letting me down; or is it?

I seem to recall that, in the January edition of our Village Pump, that space was provided to follow up a suggestion made at the AGM that readers should be given the opportunity to send in feedback on the content of the Village Pump. Well, the only feedback I have seen is my own contribution. I haven't see a single word from anyone else. You could in fact say, "The silence was deafening".

As a regular contributor to our Village Pump; why do I call it our Pump when I don't live in the circulation area? But then why shouldn't I? After all, "our" Pump does have a limited circulation area. The answer is, of course, it doesn't! I know of a number of people here in Methwold who buy it. But the point I'm really coming to is at times I wonder if instead of sending in my contributions, would I be better off doing something more productive; like sitting on the church roof, for example?

How well I remember the good old days when I used to send in some four or five articles each month together with some nonsense that did (or did not) happen under Stoke Ferry bridge. In those days I seemed to upset a few people. But now I don't seem to upset anyone, so does anyone read what I write about? And what DO I write about? Well, in the main, local issues.

I heard recently that Stoke ferry Football Club had folded; well, does it matter? After all, there isn't one in Wereham, Boughton, sorry - you know the rest! But then, sport in this area hardly exists, does it? But, so what, who cares? Well, I do for one! But as I am fast approaching 110 years of age, I'm not sure there's much I can do about it. But the important thing is, neither does anyone else.

When it comes to having a conversation with any one, nobody talks such utter drivel as I do. But then I am not aware that constructive debate is allowed in this part of the world. Maybe I should get out more? But if you take away gossip then there doesn't appear to be anything left to talk about.

I was only talking to a friend of mine the other day; my other friend is away on holiday in Sheringham! Sorry, you've heard that one before. Anyway, we were talking about the pub in Wereham, The George and Dragon. But you never read about The George and Dragon in the Village Pump! Come to think of it, the same applies to The Blue bell in Stoke Ferry! And yet both establishments, to me, are important to village life. I agree our Editor can only publish what is sent to him. But I often ask myself when reading the Pump, why do I find so little emphasis placed on such places when, as a younger man, I enjoyed going to both? And it wasn't just the drink I enjoyed but the other people who were there as well.

Les Lawrence


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