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Wretton Parish Council Meeting Minutes

February 2008

Minutes of the November meeting of Wretton Parish Council




Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman,

Cllr M Peake, Cllr B Glover, Cllr S Briston, Cllr L Peake, Cllr. A Box

4 members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Cllr. G Mansell, Borough Cllr C Sampson

2. No declarations of Interest made:

3. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the 11/09/07 were confirmed as a true record of the meeting.

4. Matters Arising:

* The paperwork regarding the transfer of Wretton Green is now back from the Borough Council.

5. Chairman's Report:

 The Chairman gave an update on the sewerage problem and advised that the public would also get an opportunity to comment on this issue during public participation. The Council has received correspondence concerning the sewerage from MP Christopher Fraser and from John Pirie, Customer Response Manager for Anglia Water. Since then the Chairman has again contacted Anglia Water, (due to odour problems once more), via their helpline on 29/10/07. As he received no response he contacted John Pirie again and is awaiting a response. Odour was detected in the week preceding October 29th in Low Road and continuing through Wretton village. Odour was coming from man hole covers. It was decided to write again to Chris Fraser, Peter Simpson (Anglia Water Chief Operating Officer) and John Pirie to state that measures taken so far to control the odour do not appear to have worked.

 A second letter has been received from Mr Sprules regarding the provision of affordable housing in the parish. A reply will be drafted by the Chairman. The Parish Council follow planning guidelines as set out by the Borough Council. The site suggested by Mr. Sprules is outside the current village development boundary. However, the Parish Council will make enquiries about conducting a Housing Needs Survey to see whether there is a need to provide affordable housing in Wretton.

Clerk's Report:

 Borough Councillor Mr Sampson has replied regarding Highways issues in the parish and has suggested a meeting should be arranged between the Highway Technician, our County Councillor and representatives from Stoke Ferry Parish Council. Concerns still remain that hedges in the parish are overgrown. Landowners are responsible for trimming hedges but Highways will be contacted again for assistance in approaching owners and regarding the state of footpaths.

6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

Clerk's wages/expenses (Sept. /Oct.) £129.26

MHB Services x2 £32.50

Finance - @ 31st Oct. 2007 (accounts summary given to Councillors):

Community Account 2268.02

Business Premium Account 1662.27

Business Reserve Account 12587.26


6.1 It was resolved to increase the precept request for 2008 to £3576 (a rise of 3%).

It was also suggested that consideration should be given to placing some of the money held in the Reserve Account in a long term investment account.

7. Correspondence:

1. E-mail from Cllr Colin Sampson

2. Training DVD on the Revised Code of Conduct (to request a copy)

3. Letter re. sewerage from Christopher Fraser and Anglian Water

4. Letter re. WHO from Christopher Fraser

5. Ways to tackle climate change booklet

6. Norfolk Structure Plan and Borough-wide Local Plan Saved Policies

7. Playing Field Newsletter

8. Western Area Mobile Police Office Timetable

10. Post Office Closures Plan

11. CPRE Light Pollution Guidance Notes

12. Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment for BCKLWN (clerk to attend consultation event)

13. Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Becoming a Foundation Trust

14. Norfolk Link etc.

15. East of England Plan: Consultation on the assessment of the plan under the European Habitats Directive and the Secretary of State's further proposed changes

16. Housing Strategy Consultation with Parish Councils (questionnaire to complete)

8. Planning:

Notification of withdrawal of planning application:

Location: Harringay Farm, Low Road, Wretton

Details: Extension and conversion of outbuildings.

Ref. No: 07/00328/F

Planning consultation:


Location: The Old Barn, Low Road, Wretton

Details: Extension to existing dwelling

Ref. No: 07/02077/F

Parish Council Recommended Approval

(Comment was made however that there is a potential problem with overlooking on the SW facing elevation).

9. Sewerage Update - Public participation:

The meeting was closed to allow the public at 8.30pm.

The Parish Council was thanked for the efforts put in so far relating to trying to resolve the sewerage odour problems. The smells have not gone away and residents are still complaining to the authorities involved. The sewerage matter will be followed up again with Environmental Health.

It was commented that the drain along Wretton Drove also appears contaminated. This will be reported to the Environment Agency.

An agricultural haulage yard in Wretton is causing concern to neighbours (as mentioned at the September Parish Council meeting). It is believed the area should be used for agricultural purposes and not for engineering works. Clarification will be sought on this.

Concern was voiced about outdoor lighting in the parish and residents were encouraged to contact the Borough Council Environmental Team regarding light pollution.

Meeting re-opened at 8.50pm.

10. Other Reports - for information only:

10.1 No further news has been forthcoming regarding an official unveiling of the village sign. The Chairman will look into this.

10.2 It was agreed to go ahead and obtain one five a side goal as long as the cost would not exceed £200.

Meeting closed at 8.55pm.

Chairman's Signature............................................. Date...............

Parish Clerk

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