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St Andrews West Dereham

February 2008

Parish news from West Dereham


St Andrews held some lovely services over Christmas, starting with our service of carols and readings at which many of the congregation took part in slightly dramatised readings, interspersed with the many favourite carols. Hoy punch and mince pies enhanced the time to chat at the end of the hour.

Christmas Eve Midnight Communion was well attended, and very special, whilst a fewer but cheerful number met to greet each other on Christmas Morning.

A precious addition to the decorations in St Andrews this year was a beautiful large-scale crib set, donated to the church by the Cann family, and set out using the location of the staircase to the former Rood screen. They looked really beautiful: perhaps next year we'll arrange some lighting for the Holy Family and their visitors, the shepherds and the wise men.


You'll note our service times each month, all at 9.3Oam except the first of the month at 11am. You'll be most welcome to come along, share in the friendship, sing the hymns, and a tea or coffee at the end of the service. Why not give us a try?

Chris Young

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