River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the Editor

January 2008

Peter defends the fishermen who park their cars on Bridge Road

Dear Ray,

Sorry to add to Grumpy Old Man's discomfort after last month's fusillade, but he's got it wrong again.

The narrow boat community along the river actually have two car parks (one each end of the road between the bridge and the roundabout) with capacity for 20 or so vehicles, and as far as I have seen, they use them extensively.

No Mr Grumpy, it was indeed the fishermen who park on the road, you only have to peer through the windows of the vehicles to see the stock of spare fishing tackle and copies of Angling Times on the rear seats, to realise this.

I walk this route on an almost daily basis, and can confirm Mr Grumpy's conclusions on this village matter are wrong.

Peter Bodle

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