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General Knowledge Quiz

January 2008

A brain teaser for the New Year

General Knowledge Quiz


1. "Capability" brown earned his nickname by his skill in what art*

2. The following names have been applied to British sovereigns. Who are they?

a. The Virgin Queen

b. The Merrie Monarch

c. Farmer George

3. Which cities are denoted by the following names?

a. The Holy City

b. The Eternal City

c. The bride of the sea

4. Give the occupations of the following:

a. bobby

b. a tar

c. a clippie

5. Identify these countries:

a. The Land of the Midnight Sun

b. The Land of the Rising Sun

c. The Promised land

6. Only one English King has been nicknames "The Great". Who was he*

7. Give the nickname of the Bank of England.

8. Can you identify:

a. The First Gentleman of Europe.

b. The maid of Orleans.

c. The Little Corporal.


9. What does the white flag signify*

10. What is awarded to the vessel which makes the fastest Atlantic sea crossing*

11. What was the name of the plant which supplied the blue dye with which Ancient Britons used to stain their bodies *

12. What are the seven colours of the rainbow?

13. Where in Britain are the Black Mountains*

14. What is "Blue John" and where is it found*

15. What colour was especially restricted for the sole use of Roman Emperors*

16. Flowers are coloured to attract insects, but it has been proved that bees are blind to which colour*


17. Which elephants have larger ear, African or Indian*

18. How do ants converse*

19. Which animals build a nest called a "drey"*

20. Which bird is Britain's smallest gull*

21. What is the name of:

a. A fox's tail

b. An otters tail

22. Why is the dandelion so called*

23. What kind of plants are:

a. epiphytes

b. xerophytes

24. In which country would you find a secretary bird and what does it live on*

Mavis Smith

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