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Anglican Readers Letter

January 2008

Carol asks us what Epiphany is all about.

The Three Gifts for 2008

At this time of year, having indulged ourselves with all the trimmings that go with the celebration of Christ's birth, we turn our thoughts to New Year Resolutions and New beginnings for 2008.

In January we also have Twelfth Night, by which time Christmas decorations should be taken down, and Epiphany, which starts on the 6th January.

But what is Epiphany all about?

It means 'to show' or 'to make known' or 'to reveal'. In Western churches it is the time when we remember the coming of the wise men who bought precious gifts to the Christ Child. In presenting Christ with these 'royal' gifts they 'revealed' Jesus to the world as Lord & King.

The giving of gifts worked two ways, however, for God gave humankind the gift of himself; He came to show us how to live our lives in love and peace and to know that no matter who we were, what we had or what we had done, He loved us.

In many families, people lose touch with each other. Words are spoken in anger and cannot be taken back; friends fall out and parents, children or siblings cannot find the words to bring that closeness back.

So it is with God our Father; we can turn our back on Him - pretend He isn't there, tell ourselves that we cannot believe in someone who we cannot see - but He is there, waiting for us to feel His Love & Peace. He keeps the channel open for us to talk to Him when ever we are ready.

If we make only one resolution this year let it be that we offer three gifts of our own:

1. We love ourselves and all of God's creation as He loves us.

2. We keep a channel of communication open for anyone we have grown away from, to come back into our lives when they and we are ready.

3. We remember that the channel to our Lord & God is never closed.

Hope & Peace & Love & Joy be with us all.


Following the start of our Fellowship Group it became clear that some of us were interested in Bible Study, some in Prayer and some in both.

We decided, therefore, to 'do' both, thus giving everyone the chance to attend which ever caught their eye or their hearts.

Anyone and everyone is warmly welcome to come along whenever they wish. If a lift is needed please telephone Elaine on 01366 500948 or Carol on 01366 500704.

Light refreshments are served at both venues (see below).

Bible Study

Our next Bible study evening is on Wednesday 30th January 2008. It will be held at Christ Church Whittington starting at 7pm when we will be looking at The Book of Ruth.

Prayer Group

The first Prayer Group meeting is to be held on Thursday 24th January 2008 at Honey Tree, Furlong Drove, Stoke Ferry at 2pm.

Carol Nicholas-Letch

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