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December 2007

Minutes of the September meeting of Wretton PC



Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman,

Cllr M Peake, Cllr A Box, Cllr S Briston, Cllr L Peake

9 members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Cllr B Glover, Cllr G Mansell, Borough Councillor Mr. C Sampson.

2. Declarations of Interest;

Mr S Briston declared an interest in item 10. and completed a Declaration of Interest form.

3. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the 10/07/07 were confirmed as a true record of the meeting.

4. Matters Arising:

 The fact that roadside hedges in the Parish are in need of trimming has been reported to the Highway Technician for the area but so far nothing has been done.

5. Chairman's Report:

 The Chairman had nothing to report as all items he had information on are agenda items.

Clerk's Report:

 The Clerk has had communication with the clerk from Stoke Ferry regarding the footpath past the school. This will be followed up.

 Wretton Historical Organisation has been awarded a grant from Awards for All for funding of a Living History Day. It is planned this event will take place in the spring.

 The clerk will look into the price of a five a side goal for the Green.

 Mr. M Peake has looked at the Play Equipment Inspection Report and all seems to be in order.

 The 'No Smoking' sign placed in the bus shelter has been removed. A laminated sign will be put up as a substitute which can be easily replaced.

6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

Clerk's wages/expenses (July/Aug.) £113.66

MHB Services x2 £32.50

Base for sign £550.00

NCC 'No Smoking' sign £4.95

BCKLWN - play area inspection £82.25

NCAPTC - handbooks for Councillors £26.25

Internal Audit £40.00


£20.00 donation received for upkeep of seat

Finance - @ 31st August 2007

Community Account 2966.37

Business Premium Account 1655.93

Business Reserve Account 12501.63


Councillors were presented with an accounts summary and bank reconciliation.

7.1 The Annual Return for the year ending March 31ST 2007 was completed.

8. A resolution was passed to accept the Model Code of Conduct for Members including paragraph 12(2) effective immediately.

It was agreed that a newspaper announcement of the above should be placed in conjunction with Methwold Parish Council.

9. Correspondence:

1. Letter received from owner of Invicta House, Field Lane, Wretton (it was decided to discuss this letter under planning)

2. SLCC Regional Conference 2007 - It was agreed to pay 1/3rd of clerk's attendance fee (£13.33).

3. Representation on the Internal Drainage Board

4. Borough Council Standards Committee - Appointment of Members

5. Southern Area Road Safety Committee minutes/dates of meetings

6. Planning Training information - Do Councillors wish to attend?

7. Norfolk Link etc.

8. CPRE Green Buildings in Norfolk

10. NRCC Council meeting - Weds. 17th October 7-9pm

11. NCAPTC AGM - East Tuddenham 15/09/07 10am

12. Norfolk Police authority Citizen Focus Committee meeting - 20/09/07 10am King's Lynn

13. Notable Trees of Norfolk Survey

14. The Playing Field Newsletter

15. Food Fortnight leaflet

16. Funding Opportunities

17. EEAPTC News

18. Council meeting agenda

10. Planning:

Planning consultation:

Location: Harringay Farm, Low Road, Wretton

Details: Extension and conversion of outbuildings into one dwelling and erection of new garage

Ref. No: 07/01744/F

Approval recommended

A letter has been received from the occupier of Invicta House, Wretton relating to development of his garden for affordable residential dwellings. The Parish Council feel this site would not be approved for development as it falls outside the village planning envelope. It was also felt this location would not be the best site for such development and the Parish Council would not recommend it. The new Local Development Framework suggests infill in small villages not large new developments. However, the LDF site specific allocation of land for development is still awaited and the Parish Council will hopefully have an input in this.

11. Village Green and Sign:

The village sign is now erected. It was suggested the top of the post may need capping to stop water penetration. The official unveiling was possibly to be undertaken when the Historical Association has their event but as this is now postponed until the spring it was thought an unveiling should take place as soon as possible. The Chairman will consult with Cllr Mansell regarding a possible 'celebrity' to unveil the sign.

The clerk will contact Highways to ascertain that there will not be a problem with proximity to the road if a goal is erected at the rear of the Green.

12. Anglia Water/Sewerage:

The problem with foul odour from the sewerage system, since October 2005 when it was put in, still continues. Mr Jacobs has and still is doing a lot of work to get the situation resolved. It was reported that the odour has been particularly bad in the last two weeks. The Parish Council and the BCKLWN were informed of developments with the system at the beginning; however the original total scheme was not implemented due to lack of uptake by residents of Wretton. This resulted in a revised scheme being put in place. The Parish Council were then only consulted on the planning application for the pumping station and the pipe line runs differ from those shown on original plans. At the present time the Parish Council has attempted to consult with Anglia water again regarding the odour problem and has asked the Borough Council Environmental Health Nuisance Team to investigate.

Meeting was closed at 8.30pm to allow Mr Jacobs to address those present:

Mr Jacobs is concerned that the Parish Council is not doing enough to help get the sewerage problem resolved and more pressure should be put on Anglia Water and BCKLWN to reach a satisfactory conclusion. The Chairman stated that the Parish Council has little power to do anymore than it has already. As already stated the matter has been reported to the Environmental Health Team on behalf of residents and villagers were again asked to log smells and report frequency and location of the problem to the Parish Council. Mr Jacobs has written to Mr Fraser the MP for the area and the Borough Councillor for Wretton, Mr Colin Sampson. It appears the sewerage system at Flegg Green has needed four dosing systems to be replaced and valves are to be installed. Mr Jacobs requested that the Parish Councillors write individually to complain about the sewerage. This is up to the individual councillors but the Clerk will write on behalf the Council to Mr Fraser, Mr Sampson and County Councillor Mr White. The Chairman will again contact Environmental Health and Anglia Water. Mr Jacobs requested copies of correspondence between the Parish Council and other bodies relating to this matter.

Meeting re-opened at 8.55pm.

13. Other Reports - for information only:

13.1 A neighbour is concerned that an agricultural haulage yard in Low Road may be being used for metal fabrication and that planning permission for such use has not been granted. The Borough Council Enforcement Team has been looking into this and they will be contacted again regarding concerns that work undertaken at this site is not of an agricultural nature.

13.2 The roadside hedges and grass need cutting. This has been reported to Highways on numerous occasions.

13.3 It was suggested a 30mph speed limit should be implemented along Low Road. The Borough Councillor will be asked to look into the possibility of speed limits in the parish being reviewed.

13.4 The weight limit sign on the Dereham Road is missing.

13.5 The rubbish bin on the Green is emptied by a local resident and the Parish Council expressed thanks to him. The possibility of obtaining another bin for the Green is being looked into.

Parish Clerk

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