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Wereham Parish Council Minutes

December 2007

Minutes of the November meeting of Wereham PC

Minutes of the meeting of Wereham Parish Council held on

Tuesday 13th November 2007 in the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

1. Present: R. Lankfer - Chairman, Mrs. Willis, C. Humphries, P. Markwell,

D. Pickston together with 4 members of the public.

2. Apologies: G. Gott and C. Sampson - Borough Councillor.

3. Minutes: It was agreed that the Minutes of the meeting held on 11th September 2007 be signed as a correct record.

4. Matters Arising: A quotation for the construction of a dustbin is still awaited. The weeds and conifers in Back Lane have been cleared and the trees cut. The hedge in Stoke Road still needs attention. The footpath adjacent to the Manor wall in Back

Lane has been repaired and resurfaced.

5. Planning Decision: Mr. & Mrs. Key - construction of conservatory, Flegg Green -approved. P. Carter Appeal - Natanya, Flegg Green - allowed.

6. Payments: C.G.M. Ltd £104. 58: Royal British Legion £16.50: Pearce and Kemp £204.87 - proposed Mrs. Willis and seconded C. Humphries pass for payment.

7. Correspondence: Queen Elizabeth Hospital - attempting to attain Foundation Trust Status. R.G.M. Ltd - offered to quote for the 2008 grass maintenance - noted. Norfolk Link: Your Council: N.R.C.C. Signpost: C.A.B. King's Lynn request for donation - all noted. W.N.B.C. notification of names for two new houses in Flegg Green - Acacia House and Willow House. Mobile Police Office time table. The Playing Field magazine - both noted. W.N.B.C. burial Ground review and questionnaire.

8. Any Other Business: Cars for sale parked on the highway in Church Road without licences - Police to be notified. Members of the public discussed the Manor House planning application and were extremely distressed to learn that the Parish Council had recommended approval. The footpath from Crown Garden to Auto Salvage and the Village Hall to Hill House are both in a disgusting state and need attention.

The meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.

Parish Clerk

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