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December 2007

Minutes of the Quarterly Village Liaison Group

Wednesday 17th October 2007

Present: Mrs Pat Holton (Village Representative)

Mrs Trudy Mann (Parish Council)

Mr David Haines (KLWNBC)

Mr Lionel Halls (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr Keith White(Grampian Country Food Group)

1. Apologies: Mr R Thompson, Mr D Summers

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (4th July 2007) and matters arising.

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

3. Complaints received since the last meeting.

Mr K White stated that the Company had received 10 complaints, 2 of which were also received by the Environment Agency.

A resident of Furlong Drove complained of a "high pitched grinding noise" on the night of 24th July, investigation could find no faults occurring on this night which could have caused the noise.

Mrs P Holton complained of a broken window in Bayfields (6th Aug), new glass was purchased and fitted the following day.

A resident of Furlong Drove complained of a "grinding noise" on the night of Saturday 11th August. Security cameras located within the mill complex recorded intruders who entered the mill and started equipment which are located on the Lynn Road side of the building. The gate between the Crown & Bayfields buildings was vandalised at this time.

A resident of Furlong Road complained on the 18th August of contract vehicles visiting site blowing their hooters near the Furlong Store. A memo was issued stating the use of hooters within the village boundaries are for emergencies only.

A resident of Lynn Road complained on the 30th August of some pieces of whole wheat on their car, the resident asked if it could have been a lorry using its blower within the yard. The abatement systems were checked all was working correctly there was no evidence of a vehicle using it blower incorrectly.

A resident of Oxborough Road complained on the 30th August of a smell believed to be coming from the mill.

All abatement systems were checked and found to be working correctly.

A resident of High Street complained on the 31st August of a smell believed to be coming from the mill.

All abatement systems were checked and found to be working correctly.

On both occasions staff walked the perimeter it was noted that manure spreading near the village boundaries had occurred.

A resident of Buckenham Drive complained on 18th September that banging noises was heard at approximately 4.00am. This was believed to be lorry trailer back doors being shut. An instruction to all drivers was issued stating that all trailer doors should be closed within the confines of the intake enclosures.

A resident of Furlong Drove complained on the 14th October at approximately 2.00am a very loud noise emanating from the mill. This was a faulty steam pressure release valve on the boiler. The boiler was stopped and the valve repaired on 16th September.

4. Noise

No other issues were raised other than those recorded in the complaints section.

5. Transport.

Vehicles including HGV are arriving at the mill when their destination is the Wissington Sugar Factory. The issue of extra signage will be taken to the next Parish Council meeting courtesy of Mrs T Mann.

6. Odour Dust & particulates.

No further issues were raised other than recorded in the received complaints.

Mrs P Holton stated at the time of the 2 odour related complaints she could detect a smell but did not attribute to the mill.

Mr K White stated that the annual testing of all emission points as required by the IPPC permit had been completed. The results showed all points were within the permits parameters.

7. AOB

Mrs T Mann asked if the field adjacent to the Playing Field could be cut. Mr K White to investigate request.

Mrs P Holton thanked Mr L Halls for the use of fields during the village festival.

Mrs P Holton asked if the Company had received the Parish Plan, Mr L Halls stated he had.

Mrs P Holton asked if the Company owned buildings could be maintained to a higher standard, Mr L Halls replied that all expenditure was within predefined annual budget and expenditure would be provided were applicable.

Mrs T Mann asked if the Company uses a contractor to control vermin. Mr K White stated that a contractor is used, this being a prerequisite of the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme.

Mr D Haines stated that the Borough Council will collate the results from their emission testing points and relay results to the committee.

Mr D Haines stated he had received a request from a resident asking for a copy of the Liaison minutes. It was agreed that the minutes are widely available as they are published in the Village Pump. Mrs T Mann stated she would ascertain if a copy could be placed on the Parish Council notice board.

On giving his apologies for missing the meeting MR R Thompson thanked Mr L Halls for his offer to sponsor the cover of the Village Pump, however it would not be needed as the existing sponsor had decided to extend its association.

Date Of next meeting: 16th January 2008

Keith White

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