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December 2007

Our monthly snippet from Boughton


As a relative newcomer to Boughton I still have a fair bit of ground to make up on the familiarisation front. Hopefully, as Boughton Home Watch administrator, that's what I will be doing very shortly! I will be on 'walkabout' (with or without dog) so if I appear down your lane or at the end of your garden - don't panic: I'll be getting to know the lie of the land.

I'm looking forward to getting together with your co-ordinators and kick-starting BHW into re-existence so look out for e-mails or newsletters with news of our progress.

In the meantime - a seasonal reminder! Christmas approaches so please take extra care with your security arrangements. For example, dispose of wrapping & packaging carefully - by looking at what you leave in or around your wheelie bins unwelcome visitors can get a good idea of what you have inside the house. Don't leave presents on show e.g around the tree if you are out. Car security - don't leave valuables in the car even when it's parked on your drive. Check your outbuildings are secure and - if you are going away for Christmas take the usual precautions - lights on timers, inform your co-ordinator and/or your key-holder and don't draw every curtain & blind - a dead give-away - Have a Happy & relaxing Christmas!

Pam Youel Boughton Parish Council.

It is unfortunate that due to Councillors' work commitments and winter breaks we were not able to have a Parish meeting in November. December is a very busy month for everybody so the next meeting will be early January 2008.

Grass Cutting.

The Churchyard contract has gone well again this year and the grass has been well maintained. My thanks to David Cooper for his work on alternate weeks between contract cutting; this has kept the front area looking good throughout the summer.

A thank you is also extended to Ollie Robinson and Barry Ovel for their help in keeping the Village Green in such good condition this year. By now I hope that mower and strimmer are safely locked away until next year.

Volunteer working parties have had a great time cutting back and pruning a large number of trees in the Churchyard and around the pond. It really is a pleasure working with people that care so much about our village.

Waste Bins.

I have applied to King Lynn Borough council to have our two waste bins emptied by the service team when they come round on Tuesdays. If we have 'pay as you throw' imposed upon us in the future the current arrangement will be inappropriate.

Village Signs.

Our signs have been cleaned and stained to a high standard this year which all adds to Boughton looking cared for.


Martin Edmunds , County Council Assistant Highways Engineer, visited Boughton on 7Th. November. This was following our concerns with regard to the standard of finish of Barhale works last year installing main drains. Also the run of water down Stoke Road. Mr. Edmunds stated that the road surface finish was to the required standard.

The ditches on both sides of Stoke Road will be reinstated to facilitate better drainage.

Some minor road repairs are currently marked and scheduled in the near future.

Hopefully by the time you read this the work will have started or even be completed. We can only hope, if not, keep asking.

May I take this opportunity to wish all Boughton's citizens a very happy Christmas and a healthy New Year. Thank You.

Frank Reid.


I almost went to church, but then an old friend came

And to have closed the door on her would have been a dreadful shame.

So we talked and talked and talked until goodbyes were aid And I made a resolution to go next week instead.

I almost went to church but something made me late

And unpunctuality is a sin I really hate.

So I didn't go and stayed at home and to my conscience said

I'll make a resolution to go next week instead.

I almost went to church but the air was still and cold

To venture out on such a night would be foolish I've been told.

So I sat and rested by the fire, took up a book and read

But I made a resolution to go next week instead.

I almost went to church but my favourite show was on,

And by the time it ended the time for church was gone.

So I stayed and watched the busy screen until the set was dead,

But I really made a resolution to go next week instead.

I really went to church last night, but I went far too late.

The church was locked and silent; 'For Sale' was on the gate.

Oh! The remorse that then I felt - for that little church was dead

And I - yes I - had killed going next week instead.

Found in the Reeth & District Gazette

COOL MINTED CHICKEN -courtesy of the magazine of All Saints' Church, North Ferriby


12 oz cooked chicken

10fl. oz ( 300ml) creme fraiche

10fl oz ( 300ml) mayonnaise

4tbsp. Chopped fresh mint

2 chopped spring onions,

Juice of one lemon

1/2 tsp sugar

Salt and black pepper

Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Mix together the remaining ingredients, except the salt and pepper. Fold in the chicken pieces, then season. Cover and chill in fridge ( or leave overnight). Garnish with mint leaves before serving.

Cambridge Concert:

About forty people came to Boughton Church on October 26th for another excellent concert in the 'Cambridge series.' There is now a regular core of people who look out for these concerts and come along to enjoy them. Tim Dickinson and James Sherlock entertained us with a wide selection of music spanning the centuries 'from Bach to Broadway'. They are maturing and developing their skills even further, and we look forward to more concerts from them and from their friends. We are grateful to them for giving the time, and to Alan Wilkinson for arranging their visit. The evening was a successful social event, raising about £250 for the church project and also benefiting from the donation of wine by a member of the audience.

Harvest Festival

Boughton is different from the other villages, in that we have two Harvest Festivals! At the All Age Service on October 7th, we were able to receive gifts for the Olive Tree shelter, and to start the collection for SmileTrain, which helps children in need of facial surgery and trains the indigenous population to perform the surgery. The collection was boosted by donations from outside the village, and a total of ------was raised. The Harvest Songs of Praise on October 14th was very well attended, and together with the choir it was a chance to sing some great hymns. It is so much more rewarding for the organist if there are enough people singing to be heard over the organ! Especially when I need to count the verses! Pam Wakeling

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