River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the Editor 3

December 2007

A heartfelt complaint from a local resident regarding inconsiderate dog owners.

Dear Ray,

My husband and I have been reading "The Pump" since we settled here over five years ago. Over that time there have been a wide variety of articles, letters, etc. referring to the behaviour of some of our "not so social" residents. It is with this in mind that I wish to address an issue that I find quite "disgusting!"

My remarks are aimed at the man who regularly takes his dogs to do their mess on the path and grass verge along Bridge Road. He draws up in his car, lets the dogs out and puts them back in the car when they have done. This person lives just the other side of the Village Bridge in a very neat and tidy dwelling which he seems unwilling to le his dogs use for their toilet needs. This man is no young irresponsible citizen either, but a so-called "respectable" older member of the village. He does not even clear up the mess made by his dogs, but just drives the short distance back to his home; an issue in itself when we are urged use our cars less for the planet and our own health.

Young Mums, with push chairs, toddlers and other children regularly walk along this stretch of road to visit the garage Shop on the Whittington roundabout and, as we know, young children don't always look where they put their feet. Perhaps this man doesn't realise a lot of us walk along this roadway?

Finally, I want to say this man should be ashamed of himself. If he doesn't want to spoil his garden by letting his dogs relieve themselves at home, don't take them to a public place to do it. And, if he finds clearing up after his animals too distasteful, perhaps he should re-home them with someone who would be more responsible.

These last remarks are also aimed at anyone who lets their dog foul on the paths and verges around the village without clearing up after them. "SHAME ON YOU!"

Yours sincerely,

An Annoyed Observer

(Name withheld on request)


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