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A Miscellany

December 2007

Some bits and pieces from Ron.


Children in a classroom were called upon to make sentences with the words chosen by the teacher. The teacher first gave the words ; 'deduct', 'defeat', 'defence' and 'detail'. She smiled when Jack raised his hand, he stood seriously for a while with all the eyes focussed on him awaiting his sentence containing the four words:

"Defeat of deduct went over defence before detail."


A few years ago I wrote a piece about the clock on the church in Wretton. I drew attention to the fact that, in order to keep it going and showing the correct time with its chimes on the hour, someone had to climb a long wooden ladder to the clock platform twice a week to wind the weights and adjust the time. That someone was John Lingwood. Since that time the clock has continued to be within one or two minutes of the correct time and it has continued to chime on the hour. John has continued to climb that ladder twice a week. He is an unsung hero. So many thanks from me John and, I am sure, from many others in the village.

Ron Watts


"The perfect bureaucrat everywhere is the man who manages to make no decisions and escape all responsibility"

Brooks Atkinson US Critic (1951)

Ron Watts

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