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Wind generators.

November 2007

Peter again challenges the effectiveness of wind turbines

I haven't counted them up, but the visual pollution is obvious, even in the wide open spaces of America. But what about other pollution or pollution saving?

Having looked for a moment or two at the photo taken by a friend on holiday in the States, I have a question or two.

If, as I am told, the columns in the wind power station picture are concrete, and as we all now know that the cement industry pollutes the same amount of greenhouse gasses as the whole of the airline industry, how is it that the eco-warriors are not screaming blue murder about these constructions, and if eventually they are supposed to be eco-friendly, how many years does it take for them to be carbon neutral or for that matter, any greenhouse gas neutral?

I have yet to find a scientific verifiable answer to that on any of the 'pro-wind' sites.

Did I miss something?

Can anyone help with an answer?


Peter Bodle

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