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Straight Talking

November 2007

Our resident Grumpy Old Man turns his acid eye and the lack of police support for the Parish Council among other things.

I was always told that assumption was the mother of all... something or other! When I was bringing up my children to respect the road and those who use it I always taught them to look both ways and then to be sure I told them to look both ways again. I take it that both Mrs Mendoza and the women who were walking down School Lane are not drivers, as general consensus would say that as drivers you should always look at the road signs. It is quite clear that the national speed limit applies to this section of road. And just for the record, and the other letter writer in the pump, School Lane is not subject to a 30mph speed limit because it is not in a built up area...read the Highway Code, it has the answers to all your questions.

I have noticed lately that very few people have careers anymore; many have jobs but few class this as a career. This is evident in our schools today where I see people who call themselves teachers but they are only there to draw a wage. The same could be said for a lot of other professions these days. No one forces people to take a job, if they want it they apply for it, if they are successful they will be offered the job and with it they will take on all the responsibilities that goes with the job. So when I read that PC Jackson hasn't attended another parish council meeting I have to ask myself is he in the Police "service" as a way to pay the bills or has he chosen it as a career?

If he chose it as a career then sacrifices have to be made. I like tens of thousands of people in this country work many long hours; I also work some weekends. Before now I have worked for nearly 6 months without a single day off. Ok, I do get paid for weekend working but I also put in many hours without overtime. So why do I do it? Because I feel passionate about my career. I would have thought that a community policeman should be at all such meetings, as unlike Kings Lynn and Downham Market we have very little police presence in this village except when a serious crime has been committed, which thankfully are few and far between. So why doesn't PC Jackson attend these meetings...I await your reply, and you might think I am way out of line on this but excuses like it's his rest day don't wash with me, as a policeman you are never off duty.

To finish off my reply to Mrs Mendoza. I have been to several parish council meetings. I have no desire to get involved. I like to think I represent the silent majority, those who have an opinion but don't want to go to meetings or indeed are unable to attend meetings. I am more than happy to sit here month after month and let you know what I think.

Well I, like many of the villagers, attended the Stoke Ferry Festival and thankfully the weather was with them. Unfortunately I wasn't able to spend a lot of time there, and I was there quite early on in the day, so I didn't get to see any of the entertainment that was put on, so I am unable to make much of a comment on how it went. What I will say is exactly what I said earlier on in the year. When the minutes are published be open about it. A lot of money changed hands that day, all I ask is that any of it that went into or out of the SFRA bank account is clearly shown in the minutes. There is still a conception / misconception by villagers as to what happens to the money raised on the day.

If anyone has any comments they would like to add about the festival please write to the editor, who I am sure will be glad to print your letter for all to read.

Grumpy Old man

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