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November Editorial

November 2007

Ray welcomes the beauty of autumn but counsels care during the fireworks and Halloween celebrations.

Hello again,

Well autumn has finally arrived with beautiful colours and superb, if chilly, weather. The Fieldfare are squealing their message down on the common and almost every telephone line seems to be loaded with starlings. What a lovely time of year.

We have been a little surprised by the early arrival of the fireworks; after all, the 5th November is still some two weeks away. Despite all the safeguards in place at the retailers, I suspect some of the recent displays have been mounted by those not legally allowed to purchase fireworks.

17th October saw the Village Pump AGM. Twelve loyal supporters turned out to express their views and all seven committee members were present. We were especially pleased to see Paul Holley, our Secretary, make the effort to join us. I was a little disappointed to find, yet again, that only people who actually live in Stoke Ferry turned up. As I said last month, the Pump serves 6 villages not just Stoke Ferry. We do have committee members from Wretton and West Dereham but it would be really great if we could recruit someone from Boughton, Wereham and Whittington. It is not a huge burden; just three committee meetings each year plus the AGM. So how about volunteering your services?

The AGM confirmed that the Village Pump remained financially sound with the printer fund building nicely to the point where a replacement can be purchased in two years time. All existing Committee members agreed to continue in post but a couple more would be very welcome. The Editor thanked all contributors, advertisers, collators and distributors for their continued support.

There have been rumours that The Blue Bell has closed and that Jez has left. I can confirm that both rumours are untrue. The Blue Bell is open daily from 12 noon and Jez continues to weave his excellent culinary skills in the restaurant; please support him!

By the time you read this the clocks will have "gone back" and the nights will have become darker. This means that Halloween and Guy Fawkes nights will be held predominantly in darkness. Please do remember the elderly and the frail when celebrating these events. Old people living on their own are easily frightened by people knocking on their doors. Enjoy both events but with some thought for others.

Finally, a report on the Safer Neighbourhood Scheme meeting is on page 4. The message left by the meeting was that action cannot be taken unless un-sociable activities are reported! It is up to you.

Ray Thompson

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