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News from The James Bradfield CofE School

November 2007

A brief report on JBS activities over the month.

Thank God for the Harvest was the theme this year for our Harvest Festival.

Father David Evans, who is kindly looking after the Church Parish whilst we do not have a vicar, took the service for us. He made us all laugh when he pulled from his bag one potato in the shape of a duck, one with a very strange shape and one enormous one - The biggest in the world he reckoned - we were not so sure!

The children also played their part by enacting all the elements of the Readings, which the teachers read. We heard and saw how God created the sun and rain, how He gave us every kind of plant and seed to eat.

Celebrating Harvest with us were some of the parents and also members of the "Young at Heart" club. This year, not only did we collect food for homeless charities but also donations for "Seeds for Africa"; a charity, whose patron is Alan Titmarsh. The money is used to help schools in Africa create gardens in which to grow food to eat. A total of £98.49 was donated, including £55 from "The Happy Mardlers" who held their Harvest the following day. Thank you to everyone for your generosity.

Cathedral Day

On Tuesday the 9th October Years 5 & 6 attended the above event, which is held at

Ely Cathedral annually.

The children enjoyed taking part in singing, dancing and processing around the Cathedral with over 800 other children and 200 adult helpers. We were honoured to have Bishop John address the large congregation accompanied by a slide show. His talk to us was about the abolition of the slave trade over 200 years ago. We all had great fun singing old slave songs and in one, performing actions with the music - we also learned how the slaves of old suffered and how there are slaves in the world, even today, some of them children.

School Governor

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