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Minutes of Stoke Ferry PC meeting of September

November 2007

Minutes of the SF Parish Council


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in the Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 12 September 2007

1. Those Attending: Mr M Ferrie (Chairman), Mrs T Mann (Vice-Chair), Mr M Precey, Mr D Summers, Mrs S Lansdell-Williams, Mr J Nicholas-Letch, Mrs R Mendoza, Mr M Mycock, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 19 members of the public.

2. Apologies: Were received from Borough Councillor C Sampson, County Councillor T White, PC Jackson and PCSO Bunting.

3. Minutes of Last Meeting: Mr Precey proposed that the Minutes be accepted seconded by Mrs Mann.

4. Matters Arising:

a) The Common - rubbish had not been collected because dog waste had been left in the bin, also the bin was overgrown with stinging nettles. The Clerk advised the meeting of the cost of purchasing a "Fido" bin and emptying same. It was agreed that a bin should be purchased to be placed fairly near the existing rubbish bin.

b) The Hill - Mr Nicholas-Letch will submit a report in time for the next meeting.

c) Post Boxes - a response had now been received from Royal Mail - because of the low usage of the existing post boxes it does not warrant additional boxes at this time.

d) Dirt track from School Lane towards Wretton - after discussion it was agreed the Clerk should write to the farmer who uses this track asking if he would fill the potholes with gravel as and when they become a problem to walkers, particularly in winter weather.

e) Cemetery Seats - see Agenda item.

f) Glass Bank - the response from Borough was the existing bank is the best available at the moment but would be replaced as and when new banks become available.

g) Broken Drain Cover Lynn Road/Boughton Road - now repaired

h) Speeding Vehicles in Village - the Clerk had received a questionnaire from Norfolk Police which has been completed and returned.

i) Highways Issues - following a meeting with Highways relating to various issues in the village they have advised that the weight limits will not be altered.

j) School Lane Speed Limit - Highways have agreed to erect a "No through road" sign but will not put a speed limit sign there.

k)Road Signage - no further signs at the A134 roundabout felt necessary as present signs direct traffic along the by-pass to Stoke Ferry.

l)Potholes in Lynn Road - have been programmed to be done

m)Bridge Road - works to narrow the road will be carried out in approximately 18 months time

n)Buckenham Drive - works programmed for January 2008

o) Lark Road Sign - the Clerk to check the progress regarding this sign.

p) Hedge Furlong Road - Mr Nicholas-Letch will have a word with the occupier of the property concerned.

q) Hedge Bridge Road - Highways are obtaining quotation then will arrange for hedges on both sides of the road to be cut.

[The Clerk to put a general note in The Village Pump in respect of hedges/shrubs from properties growing over the footpaths causing an obstruction.]

r) Motorbikes - the problem has improved slightly but dangerous driving still occurring through village. The Clerk has been given names of offenders.

s) The Bluebell - the early morning noise level has improved. The licensee would like to be informed immediately there are noise/anti-social problems.

t) Buckenham Drive Footpath - the crumbling area of footpath has been programmed for repair.

u) Glazewing Lorries - the Transport Manager has reminded all drivers of the weight limits through Stoke Ferry.

q) Wells Homes Lynn Road Site - they have agreed to clear and tidy up the site as soon as possible.

v) Rubbish Bin Lynn Road/Bradfield Place - has now been reinstated with a new post.

w) Grass Cutting in Playing Fields - problem has been rectified

x) Additional Bus Stops - following the meeting with Mott MacDonald they have confirmed the new sightings of three bus stops - 1) will now be in front of 8 Bridge Road, 2) will be opposite Hawthorne Lodge Bridge Road, 3) will be moved to end of footpath in Wretton Road to prevent disruption to the school crossing patrol.

Mr Summers advised the meeting he had been informed by the Bus Services representative that the free bus passes may be used on all bus services.

5. The Cemetery:

Mr Nicholas-Letch reported the gist of his meeting with the Probation Service and Mr Stevens, he gave the Clerk a copy of his report which will be circulated to all councillors. He will now prepare a costing for the work required for approval by the Parish Council. Bonnetts to be asked to hold the installation of the repaired seats for the time being. The Chairman thanked him for his hard work.

6. Planning:

Approved by Parish:

Construction of dwelling at Haulage Yard Boughton Road

Approved by Borough:

Construction of dwelling at Land Adjacent Maltese House Lynn Road

Construction of swimming pool in rear garden at The Tower Mill Boughton Road

Garage and single storey extension at Hope Cottage Oxborough Road

Notice of Decision - General Purpose agricultural building and hard standing Land on the East Side of Boughton Road

7. Accounts for Approval:

Direct Debit payments to e-on Energy £39.40 x 2 for Lighting July and August

Thomas B Bonnett - £23.19 - Paint/Bolts and Washers for Cemetery Seats

Norfolk County Council - £4.95 - No Smoking Sign for Bus Shelter

Mr D Smith - £37.49 - Ink Cartridge for Parish Plan Printing

MHB Services Ltd - £65.78 Lighting Maintenance August/September

Mrs C Hardy - £407.99 - Salary for 1/4 ending 31 August

Mrs C Hardy - £48.79 - Expenses for 1/4 ending 31 August

Mr G King - £240 - Clearing Litter in Village

Thomas B Bonnett - £49.00 - Repairs to Litter Bin and Refitting

Mr Precey proposed approval for payment seconded by Mrs Mendoza

Statement of Account as at 13 August 2007 - Total Receipts £9,858.58, Payments £2,959.19, Balance in Bank £6,914.48.

8. Correspondence:

NCAP&TC - Invitation to Meeting - Changing Times for Parish Councils - JNL to attend

NCAP&TC - Requesting membership to the Broads Authority

NALC - Conference Bournemouth 5-7 October

BCKL&WN - Enquiring if Parish interested in a Clothing Bank - Clerk to ask James Bradfield School if one could be placed on their premises

W Emerson & Son - Application for New Memorial for Herbert and Ethel Knappett - approved

Mott MacDonald - Plans of new bus stops in the village

9. Any Other Business

Councillors Other Business:

a. Mr Mycock reported the footpath in Boughton Road leading down to the by-pass is becoming overgrown - Clerk to report to Highways.

b. Hedge in Boughton Road, other side of the by-pass growing over the road - Clerk to write to the owner of the land.

c. Houses at Old Wood Yard appear to have water running from them - the Clerk to contact the agents also Planning Department to enquire the current position.

d. The non attendance of a police representative at meetings is felt unacceptable. The Clerk to contact the police asking for a representative to attend occasional meetings and to offer options of dates to accommodate the avoidance of "rest days"

d. Mr Summers queried whether the spare seat ends could be repaired, the seat then being placed in the Bus Shelter or the Hill, it was pointed out the last time there was a seat in this area it was vandalised. Nothing further to be done.

e. Many complaints had been received in relation to the Care Home at Sycamore House Oxborough Road, there does not appear to have been any application for a change of use neither residents in the vicinity were advised of the change. There have been numerous problems with the behaviour of the children living in this home, verbal abuse intimidation vandalism etc. The Clerk to make enquiries about this home initially with Social Services and the Planning Department.

f. Mrs Mendoza asked if the Parish would provide a litter bin for the Corner Shop to replace the stolen one. It was agreed not to do this as letters have previously been sent to other shops in the village asking them to provide litter bins.

g. The Chairman asked councillors not to put Planning Applications or important documents in the Diplomatic Bag, these come round separately and should be kept separate because of tight time limits.

h. Grass/nettles around rubbish bin on The Common - Mr Mycock offered to cut these back and spray area.

i. Norfolk Police Community Action Group Meeting on Wednesday 10 October at 7.00pm in the Village Hall, the Chairman asked everyone to attend. A golden opportunity to bring up anti-social behaviour, vandalism, graffiti etc.

Public Other Business:

a. The grassed area opposite the School in Wretton Road was churned up during recent piping works - the Clerk to report to Highways.

b. Cars for Sale on the grassed area in front of bungalows 1-4 Buckenham Drive - to be reported to the Borough.

c. Lark Road signs still not in place - see earlier minute (o).

d. Motor bikes still a problem - see earlier minute

e. New drainage work outside school - the standard of work apparently under review

f. Hedges/shrubs growing over footpath from Hamilton House Furlong Road - the Clerk to write to the owner of property

g. Furlong House Furlong Road appears to have new access - the Clerk to enquire as to whether a planning application required for this.

h. Lorries from Turners of Soham looking for the Sugar Beat factory have been turning up in the village - the Clerk to write to BSC again also to ask if they would be prepared in conjunction with Highways to provide a suitable sign to prevent this happening.

i. A request for Buckenham Drive to have speed bumps or made a one-way system, becoming dangerous with speeding motorbikes and cars.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.45pm

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 24 October 2007 commencing at 7.30pm.

Parish Clerk

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