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Festival feedback

November 2007

A survey of visitors to the 2007 Festival revealed encouraging views.

Letter to the editor.

Dear Ray,

At the recent 2007 Stoke Ferry Festival, the organising team provided 'suggestion forms' for the festival visitors to give their views.

Nearly fifty people took the time to fill in the form.

Generally speaking (on a ratio of more than 10 to 1) the responses inferred that the basic format was what they wanted to see.

There was a strong request to see if some elements of a farmers market could be encouraged, and there was a minority view that a greater of variety of stalls would help, and a more diverse range of music should be encouraged to include a section for teenagers. There was also a minority view that a stall containing a 'hands-on' activity for younger children, similar to the painting of 2006, should also be encouraged.

All the other suggestions were more of a one off nature ranging from Scottish traditional dancing to a quarter mile drag-racing strip!

The committee will look at them all and take them into account for the future.

Please pass on our thanks to all those who participated.

Programme coordinator.

Peter Bodle.

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