River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Another letter to the Editor

November 2007

Another view on Wind Turbines; this time in favour of them.

Dear Ray,

I felt compelled to put pen to paper after reading the "idiotic" opinion of a certain Peter Bodle; what utter drivel. So HE doesn't like the Turbines in Swaffham. Other people, like me, do. Yes, they do stop and yes they don't always turn; so what?

As for the comment about helping the planet and 90% kit out of action - what planet did he come from? Turbines can and do help the environment. Does he, by driving by several times?

On occasions he notices the turbines aren't turning; what happened to driving with due care and attention, keeping both eyes focussed in front? Truth! It's staring you in the face man!!


(Name and address provided)

A True Turbine Lover

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