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Stoke Ferry Methodist Chapel

October 2007

The Stoke Ferry methodist monthly newsletter

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I have been in this area for four years now and I have only just realized that being stuck behind a tractor is a blessing not a frustration. Not only is it sometimes an opportunity to pick up a few free carrots, it is a reminder to us that yet another year the harvest is being gathered in. The seasons have come and gone, the seeds have germinates and nature had done its thing. And yes, all of this in spite of the wettest summer on record and the floods in many parts of our country. Did anyone see the sunshine in August?

The reason I mention the tractors is that it is easy to become complacent about how lucky we are. There are many with whom we share this planet are not as fortunate. I ponder sometimes if our apathy to poverty is because of having too much. Yet as we have been given much there is much expected of us to share these resources. In preparing for harvest I stumbled across some frightening statistics:

* 30,000 children die every week from diarrhoea

* What Europeans spend on ice cream a year could provide the medication to treat these children and provide running water for all.

* The amount of food thrown out in the bins of USA alone could feed every hungry person in the world.

* The amount we spend on arms could irradiate, debt, hunger and homelessness. The change left over from this is enough to educate and provide health care for all.

In light of all this there is a need to challenge the way we live and care for our world at this harvest time. So, when you are stuck behind that tractor, slow down, pause for thought rather than overtaking, be grateful and say thank you for the bounty of this part of the country we live in.

Every harvest blessing, Matt

Matt Finch

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