River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Stoke Ferry Forget-Me-Not Club

October 2007

The August report from The Forget-me-not club

August 22nd. Another very enjoyable afternoon playing Cash Bingo where we were joined by three visitors, Tony, Joan and Ruth who were very keen to see what we were all about. Rocky and John did their usual great job on the Bring & Buy auction, which raises quite a lot of money for our club, enabling us to have lovely trips like our next on September 19th when we will be going on a mystery tour with Sable Coaches and the coach will be paid for out of club funds.

September 5th. At this meeting we all had an exercise in Brain Power as we had a Quiz which was won by "Dave Ellington & Co". The visitors arrived again and have decided to join our club. As our membership is increasing it is getting to be so noisy that we will soon have to get a microphone to make ourselves heard.


VE Bonnett

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