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Reply to "Straight Talking" G.O.M

October 2007

Rose takes our Resident grumpy Old Man (GOM) to task...

I am writing this response as a resident of the village who is also a parish councillor.

I would like to address some of your views brought up in the September issue of The Village Pump.

The speeding cars in School Lane. If you attended the Parish Council meetings you will know that I brought this matter up after I was asked to by a resident who was cycling with her two young children down School Lane, when several cars sped past them. Her eight year old shouted at them to slow down, this family was then confronted on the Common by this group of young men, being told they could drive as fast as they liked down there. There was a general consensus that there WAS a speed limit of 40mph in School Lane. This we now know is not so. I myself have had to take to the verge on occasions to prevent having a free ride to the Q.E. Yes it's inconsiderate driving, but maybe just maybe if a speed limit was imposed, drivers would be slightly more considerate. Speeding in the village is a problem and the age range is not just the younger/middle age drivers, the parking of cars on the road maybe, in some cases, inconsiderate but if cars are keeping to the speed limit, the problem is reduced. The problem on the bend at Lynn Road! Wretton Road is somewhat increased by drivers straddling the white lines.

Now to the matter of PC Jackson and his non-appearance at our meetings. I am glad you agree that Police should have a day off. As a serving Police Officer, PC Jackson does not, I suspect, have a lot of say as to his "rest days" they will be on a roster or always were. I know through past experience to change one is not always an easy thing to do. But our clerk is in contact with him and if the public need him or have an enquiry the mobile police station is available. Yes I know it is once a month, but Downham Police Station is within easy access.

My next comment is addressed to you. When your first article appeared in the Pump, the elections were open to anyone who wanted to be considered for County, Borough, totally different identities, and for Parish Councillors. There was no need for a Parish election as there were only the requisite number of applications (9) received. I ask you to consider if and when a vacancy appears on the PC please do come forward and offer your services, maybe you can put right all the items we seem to be getting so wrong.

Rosemary Mendoza

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