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October Editorial

October 2007

Ray takes a nostalgic look back over the history of the Village Pump and highlights, yet again, the dangers of cars speeding through the village.

Hello again,

When I started to put this edition together I was astounded to find that it was once again time for our AGM. It seems only a couple of months since we had the last one! Full details of the event are given on page 31 but can I please make a plea for people from all our villages to join us. The meeting is held in Stoke Ferry but our circulation also embraces Boughton, Wereham, West Dereham, Whittington and Wretton. I hope to see our regular contributors from all these villages coming along to join in the fun.

Believe it or not, the Village Pump is 29 years old this year; next year it will become a 30 something.

Much has been said in the minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council and our letters column about speeding through the village. This crazy habit came close on the 20th September to ending in tragedy. An S Reg Vectra was travelling at such speed down the High Street that the driver apparently lost control and crashed into a wall and a telegraph post. Thank God there were no pedestrians in the street or children gathered around The Corner Shop. The state of the car following the incident was such that it was very clear that the driver was indeed fortunate to walk away reasonably unscathed. Pedestrians and children would not have been so fortunate.

October is traditionally the month for Halloween celebrations, particularly "Trick or Treat!" I am all for such activities providing that certain basic rules are observed. "Trick or Treaters" must be aware that there are a number of old, lonely and vulnerable people living in our villages. Care must be taken not to harass these people to the point where they become in fear for their lives. This year it is particularly important to avoid this harassment in the light of the recent spate of armed robberies in West Norfolk; so please enjoy the event but not at the expense of the elderly members of the community.

Rumours abound that some more Post Offices in our area are likely to close as part of a further streamlining of the Post Office group. I understand that the final decision is likely in the next few months. The loss of such a vital facility in a rural community is yet another concern for the elderly and frail people who depend on these services being local. The message must be make sure you use your local Post Office whenever possible; remember the maxim - if you don't use it you'll lose it.

Happy Halloween,

Ray Thompson

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