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Minutes of the meeting of the West Dereham Parish Council

October 2007

Minutes of the September meeting of West Dereham Parish Council

1. Present: Miss Richardson - Chairperson, R. Drew, Mrs. Cann, Mrs. Berry, B. Clover together with 5 members of the public

2. Apologies:M. Grief, Mrs. Fisher, T. Manley - Borough Councillor

3. Minutes: It was agreed that the Minutes of the July meeting be signed as a correct record. Matters Arising: Water Supply to the Cemetery quote - £3650.14 - clerk to check why the cost is so high. Water Supply to the Allotments quote - £969. 61 - after a discussion it was agreed not to proceed with the installation at the Allotments. An up date on the possibility of the Parish Council having its own Web site was presented to each Councillor for perusal but the information which T. Manley agreed to obtain from the Borough Council is still awaited before any decision is going to be taken. The footpath at the corner of Church Road has been cut & some work has been carried out in Station Rd. Planning Decisions: T. Jackson - Standing of static caravan, Woodstock approved G.S. Shropshire - ext. to Canopy to Onion Store - Barsale Farm - no permission required.

4. Payments: Petty cash £24. 47 proposed by Miss Richardson, seconded R. Drew pass for payment.

5. Correspondence: W.N.B.C. Mayors Award for Design: W.N.B.C. notification of address - The Old School, West Dereham Road, West Dereham : Norfolk Playing Field publication: N.C.A.P & T Councils meeting 30/10/07 at Brancaster : Norfolk Link: N.R.C.C. Signpost: St. Johns Ambulance poster- reference family first aid : all noted. Macmillan Cancer Support - request for donation it was confirmed that the cycle ride in which Miss Richardson took part & for which the Councillors had sponsored her was donated to this Charity.

6. Any Other Business: Pot hole at Station Road / Hilgay Road corner together with various pot holes in Station Road and outside Baretha in Basil Road. Allotment hedge alongside the side needs cutting - chairperson is to contact Mr. Donoclift. Hedges need cutting in various locations - Church Road 'phone box to farm gateway, Bath Road both sides St. Andrews Walk to A 134. Cones have been left by BT in Lime Kiln Road and a wooden crate has been dumped in Bath Road opposite Bath Springs gateway. Glass and bottles are being dumped in and near the Can Bank making it very dangerous and if this continues it will result in the Can Bank being removed. Miss Richardson reported that there is a lot of crime in the area at the moment and this often appears to be happening in the day time but it is important that any incidents of suspicious occurrences are reported directly to the Police as soon as possible. The Allotment gateway needs to be widened and the clerk to investigate the possible required width. Christopher Fraser M.P. is to be asked to hold his 'horse box' surgery in the Village possibly in the lay-by outside the School. The Clerk was instructed to contact Mr. Eastgate N.C.C. together with a member of the Traffic Police and request them to attend a meeting to give an update on the situation in Station Road. A letter is to be sent to Glazewing reference the number and times of vehicles using their premises.

Meeting closed at 915p.m.

Parish Clerk

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