River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the Editor.

October 2007

Peter expresses, again, his concern at the lack of efficiency of the Swaffham turbines.

Dear Ray,

May I bang on about the Swaffham Turbines yet again?

If it is possible, they are getting worse. Over that last week, I had reason to drive past them several times and to over fly them on a couple more. In all I transited round or over them about 15 times in 7/8 days.

On no occasion were any more than 8 of the 10 turning. On no occasion were they all pointing in the same direction and on several occasions some of them were turning at differing speeds.

Then, to cap it all, on one day towards the end of the week, ONLY ONE OF THE TEN WAS TURNING...How can that be helping the planet when 90% of the kit is out of action???

Come on someone...tell us the truth. It's time for a bit of honesty here. On face value these things appear rubbish. If your new car performed like this, you would be at the doors of your local dealer demanding your money back.

Peter Bodle

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