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Letter from the Rectory

October 2007

Our monthly input from Judith Grundy from Saint Andrew's,West Dereham

Dear friends,

The last Sunday in September was "Back to Church Sunday, so called because many churches chose this day to invite people who may have visited once or twice, back to church for a special welcome.

I hope many of you will have enjoyed our joint service at Ryston on this Sunday when we shall have had Bishop Tony Foottit, the author of "A Gospel of Wild Flowers", as guest speaker.

But I don't think we need to wait for a special welcome. One thing I find out about our four churches is that they are very friendly and caring. As I've mentioned before, I grew up in several different countries and my mother always used to say that wherever you go you never need to be lonely. If you find the local Christians you have found a group of people ready to be friends.

Their care goes further than that. David and I thought we'd had a horrible start to our holiday when his wallet was stolen on the first day. It turned out to be a wonderful start, because someone who heard about it posted an anonymous gift for holiday spending through our letter box. It turned a miserable situation into an occasion for being so thankful to God for such loving friends. We were very touched.

Jesus summed up the Commandments into just two:

"Love God" and

"Love your neighbour as yourself".

If you find the newspapers and T.V. make you think we're living in an uncaring world, try coming back to church on any Sunday. None of us is perfect but we hope to make you feel welcome.

Thank you to the Charisma Youth Group for the sponsored clean of Denver Church, which they did as part of their Church Sleep-over to raise funds for Quiddenham Children's Hospice on 28th August.

Best wishes

Judith Grundy

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