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Les writes to the Editor

October 2007

Les expresses his utter disagreement with Ron Watts concerning the latters article on cars and drivers & their preference for cars to Public Transport

Dear Editor,

I had hoped that the day would never come when I found myself so totally and utterly disagreeing with someone whom I have a lot of respect for, namely Ron Watts. His article, Cars and Drivers and his observations regarding how most people prefer using their cars rather than buses, told me much about Ron that I wish I didn't know.

Men and cars, yes this love affair has been going on for years. In fact I think I know some men who seem to lavish more love and affection on their cars than they ever would dream of doing on their Wives; think about that for a moment.

Times they are a changing, and we are living in a world where women are more and more taking a leading part in our every day lives and no one welcomes this more than I do. Look around our part of the world and you see more and more evidence of this. At Methwold High School, for the first time since it's inception, a lady is in charge; at Feltwell Surgery, of three Doctors, one is a Lady, the first in it's history. At West Dereham we have the Reverend Judith Grundy, a Lady I have yet to have the privilege of meeting.

What you may ask, and Ron may well be the first , has all of this to do with Men, Cars, and Buses? The answer is everything. The day will come when cars will play a far less significant role in our every day lives than they do today. Yes it will be years from now but it will come. Cars to me represent yesterday's world. Women to me represent the present and more importantly the future. And where does that leave us Men? Sorry fella's, but it means we are living in the past, convinced that we are all still masters of all we survey, oblivious to the fact that our women folk reigns supreme.

It doesn't surprise me that when I frequently travel to King's Lynn on the bus and see that the vast majority of passengers are women. Where, you could ask, are the men? Buses and men doesn't quite add up do they? But men and cars, that's more like it; more macho which is what it is all about, nothing to do with travelling from A to B.

A car you leave it in the garage at night which of course is the place for them, and that in my judgement tells you everything. I don't seem to be very interested in cars, but then I'm not too interested in garages either.


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