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Village Liaison meeting

September 2007

Minutes of the latest Village Liaison Meeting

Agriculture Division

Stoke Ferry Feed Mills


Wednesday 4th July 2007

Present: Mrs Pat Holton (Village Representative)

Mr Ray Thompson (Editor Village Pump)

Mrs Trudy Mann ( Parish Council)

Mr David Haines (Borough Council)

Mr Lionel Halls (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr Dick Jacklin (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr Mathew Ferrie (Parish Council)

1. Apologies

Mr Dave Robson and Mr Keith White.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (4th April 2007) and matters arising.

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

3. Complaints received since the last meeting.

Mrs P Holton and Mrs T Mann stated that not everyone had received the minutes from the previous meeting.

Mr D Jacklin stated that he would raise this with Mr K White.

Mrs P Holton has since been in contact and stated that she had received a copy.

Mr D Jacklin and Mr Dave Haines stated that neither the Company nor the council had received any other complaints.

4. Noise

Mr R Thompson stated that there had been a slight increase in general noise. Mr D Jacklin said that after the automation of the intake the noise level should be slightly less.

5. Transport

Mrs Trudy Mann asked if a 'no right turn' sign had been placed at the bottom gate of the mill yard. Mr D Jacklin stated that a sign had been placed.

Mrs T Mann stated that she had on occasions heard the back doors of vehicles being banged and asked if this was normal practice. Mr D Jacklin stated that he would make enquiries

6. Odour dust & particulates.

Mr R Thompson remarked again about wax deposits in the village. After a lengthy discussion it was decided that Mr. D Jacklin would check the CAU'S and if no wax deposits were present the issue could be closed.

Mr D Jacklin has since checked the CAU'S and there were no wax deposits.

7. A.O.B.

Mr R Thompson again asked what would happen to the Millers Arms since its closure.

Mr L Halls stated that his preferred option would be to re-lease the property as licensed premises, although other proposals would be considered. Mr L Halls went on to explain how the empty properties are managed within the company.

Mrs P Holton asked whether there were any plans to carry on with repairs to the buildings when the roof work was finished as they seem to be in disrepair.

Mr L Halls stated that there were no plans at the moment; however this would be looked at in the future. Mr L Halls also stated that no buildings were for sale.

Mrs T Mann asked if the field next to the Playing field could be cut.

Mr D Jacklin stated he would look into this but that access could be a problem.

Mrs T Mann asked if the field next to the Playing field could be used as a further football pitch. Mr L Halls asked for a written proposal from the Playing Field Committee regarding its intentions and would then consider a one year lease.

Mr R Thompson asked whether Grampian would sponsor the front cover of the village pump.

Mr L Halls stated that Grampian would be pleased to.

Date for next meeting 17th October 2007

16th January 2008

Grampian Foods

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